In response to HB1207

To the editor:

I was saddened to read Rep. Jamie Boomgarden's reflections on HB1207, the Certified Professional Midwife Licensure bill � it seems that in spite of efforts to educate him, as a member of the House Health and Human Services Committee, Boomgarden has failed to support another "freedom to choose" issue, because of flawed assumptions and rhetoric.

Mr. Boomgarden, who made the motion to amend the bill in committee to require malpractice insurance, is apparently unaware that South Dakota Law doesn't even require doctors, nurses or other health care providers to carry such insurance.

The rider on the bill essentially killed the measure by itself � no such insurance exists in South Dakota.

And while his committee approved the measure, which would have allowed well trained, nationally certified midwives to attend births in South Dakota, the full House apparently lacked the same understanding as Boomgarden of what was being proposed and bought into the misinformation and fear mongering of those who don't want to give the state's residents an out of hospital birth option.

It's unfortunate that South Dakotans who pride themselves on being able to make choices without the government's intervention have failed to elect representation in the Legislature that feels the same.

Now, if I am to have another child at home, it will have to be without a skilled professional on hand who would, in the rare occasion that complications should arise, be able to react and respond appropriately � a much more dangerous situation than with the provisions of HB 1207 in state law.

At the same time, bravo Rep. Eldon Nygaard for being one of the bill's strongest supporters.


Kari Rettig

Tabor, SD

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