Mike Olson named March Employee of Month at USD

Mike Olson named March Employee of Month at USD
The University of South Dakota is pleased to announce that Mike Olson, fabrication technician in the basic biomedical sciences department of the Sanford School of Medicine, was named Career Services Employee of the Month for March.

Olson was presented the award by President James W. Abbott at a gathering of Olson's current and former colleagues on March 16 in a classroom in the medical school.

Darla Tassler, senior secretary of basic biomedical sciences, nominated Olson for the award.

"Everything he has done amazes me. He shows initiative and leadership with the department of corrections help and the faculty and staff of the building. He truly deserves to be recognized for all of his hard work and extra effort," said Tassler.

At the reception, Olson's colleagues joked � calling him "MacGyver" because he can make anything out of nothing.

"I am very honored in receiving this award. I'm grateful for the people I work with because we cooperate and respect each other," said Olson.

Pat Flanigan, senior secretary and Olson's supervisor, added, "Mike is an extremely hard worker and handles unbelievable requests."

When asked what Olson likes about his job, he said, "I like the variety of the tasks I do."

Olson currently lives in Burbank with his wife, Kim, and son, Alex. In his spare time, Olson likes to garden.

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