Music Time for Tots is growing

Music Time for Tots is growing
Music Time, a music program for young children, is expanding its offerings in 200. Preparatory Piano Group Classes for Beginners (ages 5-6) began the week of Jan. 22. This class is designed to bridge the transition between preschool music classes and formal piano lessons.

Many children at this age are curious and very excited about learning the piano but may not be ready for a private 30-minute lesson. The class will consist of musical activities like singing, moving and chanting, as well as individual time at the piano. The goal is to continue to develop musicianship skills while introducing the child to the piano in an informal and fun way.

In the beginning, an aural approach is taken, but eventually the children will learn to read music. The session lasts 14 weeks and classes run approximately 30 minutes. Morning and afternoon sessions will be offered. Registration is going on now.

Early Childhood Music Classes, which have been offered for the past will resume the week of March 12 for an eight-week session. The classes are designed for children (0-4) and their parents/caregivers. Singing, moving, chanting and instrument exploration are all part of this fun and active class. Classes last 45 minutes and will be offered on Friday and Saturday mornings.

A parent orientation is held before the first class. The philosophy and research behind Music Learning Theory are explained to parents as well as their important role in music class. These classes provide a rich, musical environment for the children, and also help strengthen the bond between parent and child.

These 45 minutes of pure music making allow the child to interact with music however they feel most comfortable. A CD of all the music used in class is included in the fee.

The instructor, Laynie Alba Mitchell, received her M.M. in music education at Michigan State University where she was a teacher and coordinator of the Early Childhood Music Program of the Community Music School. She has presented parent/staff workshops for S.D. Head Start and S.D. Association for the Education of Young Children.

She is also a flutist and vocalist. She resides in Vermillion with her husband, Chris and their children, Sam and Lucia.

For more information about Music Time or to register, please call 624-0218.

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