New medical center name marks new era in Vermillion

New medical center name marks new era in Vermillion
A recent $400 million gift to Sanford Health, formerly Sioux Valley Health System, by philanthropist Denny Sanford has resulted in a new identity for Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center. As a result of the gift, Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center is now known as the Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.

"We have carried the Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center name for a long time, but we also realize that being associated with the Sanford name is important," said Timothy J. Tracy, CEO of Sanford Vermillion Medical Center. "Having our facility carry the Sanford name assures those we serve that they have access to a leading-edge healthcare system."

The clinic, hospital and care center entities will be joining in the universal name change. The new names of the facilities are:

  • Sanford Vermillion Medical Center
  • Sanford Clinic Vermillion
  • Sanford Hospital Vermillion
  • Sanford Care Cente Vermillion

    Tracy stated that the new names demonstrate the partnership between Sanford and the local community as they incorporate both the Sanford and Vermillion names into a consistent identity. While the change has already been approved, Tracy expects the entire transition to take place over the course of the next year as they update signage, marketing materials, and the numerous places where the Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center name currently lives.

    "When you do something this big, it takes time to roll out," said Tracy. "While we are excited to brand ourselves with the new name, we also want to be fiscally responsible and make this transition over time."

    "The bottom line is that Sanford Vermillion still provides the same quality of care we have since we opened our doors. The gift by Mr. Sanford and our recognition of that gift in our name will only help to strengthen our organization."

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