SDPB Radio begins second programming service

SDPB Radio begins second programming service
SDPB Radio listeners now have the option of two program streams via HD Radio in some areas or statewide by computer. South Dakota Public Broadcasting officially began its second programming service on Friday, March 2. SDPB Radio is the state's first South Dakota-based HD Radio provider.

SDPB Radio has been testing digital radio over the past few months and the network anticipates that most users will take advantage of the second service via computer. Listeners will have the option of choosing HD-1 or HD-2. At this time, there is not much choice in HD Radios off the shelf, but they are available from several retailers off the Web.

HD-1 and SDPB's regular analog radio signal will offer the same programming, with a great mix of music, news, talk and humor.

HD-2 will feature a lot of music, plus National Public Radio's and SDPB Radio's most popular news and information shows: a longer Morning Edition, a longer All Things Considered and SDPB Radio's own South Dakota Forum. In addition, SDPB will bring Metropolitan Opera back next fall on HD-2.

HD Radio over the airways will be available this year in four areas of the state. The transmitter areas include:

  • KBHE 89.3 – Rapid City.
  • KUSD 89.7 – Beresford, ranging from southern Sioux Falls through southeastern South Dakota'
  • KTSD 91.1 – Reliance, including the Pierre area.
  • KCSD 90.9 – Sioux Falls (coming soon).

    One of the advantages for listeners in Mountain Time will be the longer versions of Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

    To access HD-1 or HD-2 via computer, go to and select from the leftside menu. To access from an HD Radio receiver in one of the covered areas, go to the regular frequency and select your channel. Our regular programming will still be available as well.

    There are some exciting changes.

    Jazz Nightly with Jim Clark will air on for nearly four and a half hours each weeknight, starting at 7:33 p.m. CT/ 6:33 p.m. Mountain "Swinging Time" on SDPB Radio's regular schedule and HD-1. (On Mondays, the jazz programming will begin with an hour of Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz).

    Metropolitan Opera will return this coming fall, on the HD-2 schedule.

    Morning Edition will air from 5 a.m. CT/4 MT to 10 a.m. CT/ 9 a.m. MT on HD-2.

    All Things Considered will air from 4 p.m. CT/ 3 p.m. MT to 7 p.m. CT/ 6 p.m. MT on HD-2.

    Plenty of classics and favorites like World Cafe, Bob Edwards, This American Life and more will be available on HD-2.

    The main advantages of digital radio are two-fold. One, the sound quality is improved and, second, listeners have greater choice.

    South Dakota Public Broadcasting is a statewide multi-media network offering quality entertainment and lifelong learning via Television, Radio, Internet and Education & Outreach.

    For more information, go to or call 800-456-0766.

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