Something to cheer about

Something to cheer about
A fan of the Tanager girls' basketball team summed it up best as team members arrived at the high school Sunday afternoon.

"You know, this is really great," he said. "Something like this is just a flash in the pan, so you have to really enjoy it when it happens."

The word "flash" usually describes something that lasts a fraction of a second. The Tanager's flash actually began last summer, when coach Jamie Parish talked with members of his squad, and told them their chances of winning a state title were excellent.

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily, however.

Despite hours of hard work, the Tanager girls had some rough spots during the season. Finally, when it became clear they were destined for the State A Tournament, they were ranked a mere fifth.

The Tanager girls' reacted by playing what safely can be described as the most competitive high school basketball in South Dakota state tournament history.

We predict all members of the team will lead, long productive lives as they mature, continue their education, start careers, marry and begin families. Decades from now, they will look back at those three wonderful days in Spearfish.

In the scheme of things, three days of an entire lifetime doesn't seem like much. Except in this case: a wonderful flash in the pan.

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