Supreme Court to hold term at USD School of Law

Supreme Court to hold term at USD School of Law

Chief Justice David Gilbertson of the South Dakota Supreme Court announced that the Supreme Court will hold its March 2007 Term of Court at The University of South Dakota Law School, Vermillion, March 19-21.

The court will hear oral arguments in three cases each day. Court will open at 9 a.m., and cases will commence on the hour. The sessions will be held in the School of Law Courtroom. Booklets containing a schedule of the cases to be heard and a short synopsis of each case, as well as biographical information on the justices and a short summary of appellate procedure will be available for persons attending any of the court's sessions.

The cases scheduled for argument cover a wide array of legal topics. Four criminal cases raise a variety of issues: exclusion of Native Americans from a jury, suppression of evidence from a defendant's trash, double jeopardy, failure to give a Miranda warning and ineffective assistance of counsel. One domestic relations case involves division of property in a divorce and another deals with the child visitation rights of stepparents and grandparents. The court will also hear two medical malpractice cases, one involving knee replacements and the other gastric bypass surgery, as well as a wrongful termination of employment case.

In addition to the nine cases scheduled for oral argument during the March term, there are several cases on the court's non-oral calendar. As well as considering those cases in which argument is held, the court will consider non-oral cases each day. For more information contact







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