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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Senior golfers gear up to play

On Tuesday, March 27, at 1 p.m., the senior men's golf league will attempt to start their season – providing that weather and course conditions are playable. During winter months, the senior golf advisory group met to discuss procedures suggested by the golf course managers and the committee.

The results of these meetings were the following ideas to be enacted: In honor of the late Howard Connors, all three-man teams will play Howard Connors' rules ��meaning the format everyone understands as his system.

Secondly, no four-man teams will compete against any three-person teams. Instead, if numbers call for a four-person group, that group will play two against two in a match-play format. Other requests offered by the course management are no nine-person group, no starting on tee #11 or #2, and no coming late.

If a person thinks they might be late for the draw, the solution is to call ahead and the course managers will relay the message so that player is guaranteed to play in the draw. According to Dick Kellogg, the league organizer, the theme of this senior golf league is to have fun and keep it simple.

You are welcome to join this fun league every Tuesday. Participation is based solely upon whomsoever shows up on time to play each week.

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