Africa topic of April 18 forum

Africa topic of April 18 forum

An international forum titled "Africa: When Will the Crisis Ever End?" will be held at noon Wednesday, April 18, in Farber Hall of USD's Old Main.

The event is sponsored by the USD School of Business. Panelists include Dr. Sam Enajero, an economics professor and a native of Nigeria; Dr. Moses Ikiuqu of the USD Medical School, who is a native of Kenya; and Zibeon Samudzi, a native of Zimbabwe. Retired economics professor Benno Wymar will be the moderator.

Many of the African nations continue to face crisis conditions. And although the Darfur region of the Sudan seems to receive the most attention, it is well known that many inhabitants of oil rich Nigeria are forced to live on less than $1 a day.

Zimbabwe, long known as the bread basket of much of Africa, faces starvation right now. And Somalia faces great turmoil again, while waiting for African Union troops to help settle its disputes. Many disenchanted Africans are also trying to escape to Europe as they have given up on economic progress at home. These and other topics will be taken up by the panelists.� �







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