Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations
Auxiliary has a busy meeting

The regular meeting of the Ladies' Auxiliary to Clay Post #3061 was held Tuesday evening, March 20 with President Delores Gregg presiding. Roll call of officers was taken and recorded. Chaplain Opal Smith offered the opening prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Motion made and seconded to accept the treasurer's report as printed. Invoices were presented and motion made and seconded for payment.

Correspondence included General orders #8 from Carols Chat Room, District #1 President Mildred Hendricks, letter from Roger Kozak regarding the Sesquicentennial and thank you notes from Sydney Kronaizl, Delores Stanage and Jane Slowey for puzzles for the Human Service Center.

Committee reports were from Americanism, bingo playing at the nursing home, Hospice, Road to Recovery, Civic Council and hospital equipment on loan. Cancer grant information sheets were handed out to all members present.

The District #1 meeting for the Auxiliary Women will be held in Vermillion at the Eagles on sunday, April 15. Meeting adjourned to reopen on April 17.

Sanford Initiative topic of Rotary Club

The Vermillion Rotary Club held its weekly meeting on Tuesday, April 3, at the Neuharth Center on the campus of USD. President Roger Kozak chaired the meeting and Rev. Mercy Hobbs gave the invocation.

President Kozak announced that an exchange meeting with the Yankton Rotary Club would be held here on April 17. Rotarian Charles Yelverton announced that Bike Helmet Day would be held April 27 at 2 p.m. at Austin School when bike helmets will be given to all second-graders.

Rotarian Tim Tracy introduced Michael Begeman, the manager of public affairs at Sanford Medical, who presented the program for the day. He spoke about the Sanford Initiative and how it might relate to Vermillion.

He began by saying that T. Denny Sanford is passionate about medical care for children and that is was part of the reason for his gift to Sanford Medical of $400 million.

This will actually take the form of an endowment. The proceeds will be used to leverage many expansion projects. Vermillion will be, in part, a beneficiary of increasing research in pediatrics. Mr. Begeman stated that it would take time for the results to be seen. He said people tended to overestimate the immediate impact and to underestimate the long-term effect.

Mr. Begeman also spoke of four initiatives. The first initiative is to expand the reach of Sanford Children's Hospital. This part of the plan is to start five pediatric clinics across the country to provide pediatric care to children who have little or no access to such care.

The second initiative is to expand the research into the cures and treatments of children's diseases. This would also mean networking with other likeminded research facilities.

The third initiative is called the Sanford Project. This would entail bringing together the best minds to define one major medical problem and focus upon that problem to find answers.

The fourth initiative is called the Health Care Campus of the Future. This would focus on finding new approaches to health care, research and health education. Mr. Begeman said the idea is to build a campus to compare with Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

The basic idea of Sanford Medical is to significantly improve the human condition through research and development in health care. Most likely the USD Medical School and the Nursing Program would be beneficiaries. A possible result is that healthcare in general will be improved in many parts of the country.

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