PTA convention held in Vermillion April 14

PTA convention held in Vermillion April 14
The 85th annual south Dakota State PTA Convention was held on Saturday, April 14 in Vermillion. President Bobbie Wirth, Aberdeen presided over the convention. Ms. Jan Harp Domene, president elect of the National PTA was featured speaker for the convention. She is from California and has been involved in PTA for 31 years. She gave workshops on Building Our PTA and using the many National PTA resources in the local unit.

The convention featured workshops on Building Healthy Minds and Bodies, presented by Dr. Michael Granaas, an associate professor in the Psychology Department at USD, and Kari Holden and Amy Haselhorst. Ms. Holden has a masters in physical therapy and works for Sanford Vermillion Hospital.

Ms. Haselhorst is an occupational therapy assistant and the current family, fun, and fitness coordinator for Sanford Vermillion Hospital.

There were also two workshops featuring the Internet and how to protect our children and how to use it more effectively as parents. These were given by Sgt. Dallas Schnack of the Clay County Sheriff's Office and Kevin Brady, a senior computer support specialist at USD.

The South Dakota State PTA Reflection Awards were presented at the end of the convention at the National Museum of Music. All the state winners were invited along with their parents for the presentation of the awards for literature, photography, music and visual arts. All state winners will then go on to the National PTA Reflections.

Ms. Kathy Wendt, of Warner, received the 2007 PTA Scholarship Award at the convention luncheon. She is a junior at Northern State University in Aberdeen majoring in education.

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