The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Senior golfers freeze out

On Tuesday, April 3, not a single senior men's league golfer showed up to play. It was no surprise since the temperature was 16 degrees with strong wind. Even the famously known "polar bears" in our group affectionately called Ken Beringer and Harlan Schott did not appear from their warm homes to play golf on this bitter cold day.

The Bluffs' Bulletin Board article will always appear in the following week's paper since the press time constraints are difficult to meet when we play in the afternoons. We will continue to attempt playing every Tuesday afternoon starting at 1 p.m.

If the weather gets warmer, come join our fun group on Tuesdays. Call ahead if you are coming late.

Men�s league will meet at The Bluffs

The Bluffs� Men�s League will have an organizational meeting Thursday, April 19, at dusk in the clubhouse.

For further information, please call the clubhouse at 677-7058.

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