USD ergonomic team honored

USD ergonomic team honored
The Heimstra Engineering and Design (H.E.A.D.) ergonomic graduate team was awarded the ePrize Alternate in the competition for the Applied Ergonomics Student Design Competition ePrize.

The team was selected to attend and compete at the 10th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo 2007. The competition, in its inaugural year, was sponsored by Auburn Engineers, Inc. and supported by the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the Applied Ergonomics community.

Graduate teams from a number of universities entered the competition, which was based on a case study to assess, analyze and calculate ergonomic risk factors and design a solution, all using Auburn Engineers, Inc. eTools software. Four teams were selected to attend the conference to compete on site with an additional case study to solve.

The ePrize judges were amazed at the creativity and said, "The future is in good hands!" Other finalists for this competition were the Auburn University and NYU-Pratt Institute. The SUNY of Buffalo team won the ePrize. Dave Alexander, PE, CPE, and president of Auburn Engineers, Inc. proudly carried the ePrize throughout the entire Applied Ergonomics Conference and stated, "I knew that we'd see some creative solutions from our newest budding ergonomists. I know the teams made great networking contacts while at the conference and we know this event will continue to grow in popularity."

The Applied Ergonomics Conference is also the only conference offering the ePrize and the internationally coveted Ergo Cup. This year, an Ergo Cup was awarded to Johnson and Johnson-Belgium, General Electric Energy Learning Center, and Joint Genome Institute, who were selected over 28 finalists by a team of master ergonomist judges.

Approximately 400 ergonomic teams worldwide competed within their own companies before entering the prominent competition for the Ergo Cup. Twenty-eight were selected from 40 entries. Those selected included companies as diverse in operations and products as Boeing, Bridgestone, Dell, Delta Airlines, GE, Honda, J&J, Mary Kay, Harley Davidson, Toyota, Universal Orlando, and Sunrise Medical. For a complete description of all entrants as well as a video of prior year's com- petition, go to www.applied

The 11th Annual Applied Ergonomics conference will be held March 10-13, 2008 in Orlando, FL. Registration is open to the public.

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