VMS takes third place in Science Olympiad

VMS takes third place in Science Olympiad
The Vermillion Middle School took third place overall in the 23rd Annual South Dakota Science Olympiad State Tournament.

The VMS eighth grade earth science teacher and Science Olympiad coach, Nicole Schutter, and the student team spent numerous after school hours to prepare for this event.

The tournament was a rigorous academic interscholastic competition that consisted of a series of individual and team events. A total of nine South Dakota middle schools competed in 22 events and VMS received the following in each event:

Anatomy (Bryant Yang, Robyn Axtell) – third.

Awesome Aquifer (Mathia Shumaker, Elly Miiller) – third.

Balloon Launch Glider (Mark Helenurm, Calvin Prinsen) – fifth.

Balloon Race (Elly Miiller, Robyn Axtell) – seventh.

Disease Detective (Elias Shumaker, Nick Britten) – sixth.

Don't Bug Me (Elias Shumaker, Mark Helenurm) – first.

Ecology (Robyn Axtell, Alexis Reich) – eighth.

Food Science (Epiphany Knedler, Alexis Reich) – sixth.

Heredity (Nick Britten, Clayton Larsen) – second.

Meteorology (Jennifer Jurgensen, Megan Schliesman) – sixth.

Metric Mastery (Bryant Yang, Tyler Rosacker) – seventh.

Oceanography (Jennifer Jurgensen, Mathia Shumaker) – second.

Road Scholar (Tyler Rosacker) – third.

Rocks and Minerals (Mathia Shumaker, Megan Schliesman) – second.

Science Crime Busters (Kelsey Meadows, Calvin Prinsen) – sixth.

Science World (Bryant Yang, Tyler Rosacker) – second.

Simple Machines (Jennifer Jurgensen, Clayton Larsen) – sixth.

Solar System (Epiphany Knedler, Alexis Reich) – fifth.

Storm the Castle (Nick Britten, Clayton Larsen) – fifth.

Tower Building (Elly Miiller, Calvin Prinsen) – eighth.

Wheeled Vehicle (Kelsey Meadows, Bryant Yang) – fourth.

Write It, Do It (Robyn Axtell, Megan Schliesman) – seventh.

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