Argus Leader Tour de Kota funding will be on city agenda

Argus Leader Tour de Kota funding will be on city agenda
"This is one of the most exciting events that may reach our region in 2007," Jim Hockett told the Vermillion City Council Monday as he described the Argus Leader Tour de Kota that will be coming to the city next month.

Vermillion has been selected as a host city for the third annual event, which will be held June 9-15.

Approximately 1,500 riders are expected to stay in Vermillion overnight on Saturday, June 9, and Sunday, 10.

"This is a huge event," Hockett, a member of the marketing and advertising committee for the Tour de Kota, said. "With this many riders coming into the community, we need different events going on and we also need financial support."

Some financing is being obtained, he said, through various levels of sponsorships that will help pay for a variety of items, including bands, tents, sound and lighting equipment, registration bags that will contain informational and promotional items showcasing the community, coupon books, banners welcoming the riders, various printed materials and momentoes and gifts.

Hockett requested from aldermen a "platinum" sponsorship to the event from the city that would total, at minimum, $2,500.

"I look at this as an opportunity for the city to show your support and leadership behind this huge event," he told the council. "If you take approximately 1,000 bicyclists, and they spend $50 to $75 each, look at the two cents you would be getting back in tax dollars to offset some of this."

It's also important, he said, to realize that Vermillion will serve as the headquarters for the start of this year's Tour de Kota.

"The coverage that this event will give Vermillion is going to be astronomical," Hockett said. "We are going to get coverage from all of the different print media from around the area … we'll get television coverage, and we'll get radio coverage. It will be tremendous."

The bikers, if nothing else, will remember the grand opening they experienced in Vermillion as they pedal across the state,Hockett said.

"If they go back to their homes remembering that, it will have a positive effect on Vermillion, and we could be a host city either next year or in the future," he said.

The city council agreed to include Hockett on its agenda for its next meeting May 21 so that it may take formal action on the Tour de Kotas requests at that time.

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