Counseling students from USD receive scholarships

Counseling students from USD receive scholarships
Four graduate students from The University of South Dakota's Department of Counseling accepted scholarships from the South Dakota Counseling Association (SDCA) at its annual conference held April 12 through 14 in Sioux Falls.

The students collected scholarships in the amount of $250, financed by a live and silent auction that takes place each year at the SDCA annual conference. The selection criteria were based on faculty recommendations and student involvement within the profession. SDCA created the scholarship program in 2000.

Graduate student members receiving scholarships included Leanne Dorish of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada; Kristin Fick of Rock Rapids, IA; Katie Heavlin of Rapid City and Lane Madsen of Gettysburg. Dorish, Fick and Madsen are all members of the Lewis and Clark Chapter of the SDCA, which includes the wider Yankton-Vermillion area; Heavlin is a member of the Sioux Chapter, which includes the Sioux Falls area. All four women are master's students in the counseling psychology program at USD and are also members of Chi Sigma Iota, an honors counseling fraternity.

Dorish is the daughter of Barbara A. Lund of Salmon Arm, British Colombia, and Douglas Dorish of Prince George, British Colombia. She is finishing her first year of graduate studies majoring in community/mental health counseling. She expects to graduate in August 2009. "I am pleased to be a part of the SDCA with such a great group of individuals who do so much for their communities and state. To receive this scholarship, alongside Kristin, Katie and Lane, is a huge honor because these ladies are truly amazing," said Dorish.

Fick is the daughter of Ruben and Jean Fick of Rock Rapids, IA. She is finishing her second year of graduate studies majoring in both community/mental health counseling and school counseling. She expects to graduate in December. "I am honored to receive this scholarship from the SDCA. It really shows they support graduate students and future counselors," said Fick.

Heavlin, the daughter of Dennis and Linda Studer of Rapid City, she now resides in Sioux Falls with her husband, Jeff. Heavlin is finishing her second year of graduate studies in the school counseling track and will be graduating in May. Heavlin has been an active part of the SDCA during her graduate studies, and this is the second time that she has received an SDCA student scholarship. "Serving as a�moderator at the SDCA conference provides graduate students the opportunity to receive these scholarships as well as work with future colleagues," said Heavlin.

Madsen is the daughter of Janet and Larry Madsen of Gettysburg. She is finishing her second year of graduate studies majoring in school counseling. She expects to graduate in December. "I have enjoyed working with Chi Sigma Iota and the SDCA the past couple years, and I am looking forward to continuing to work with my fellow counselors," said Madsen.

The SDCA is the largest association of professional counselors in the state and its members serve clients in a variety of settings including schools, community mental health agencies, state institutions, universities, employment and career centers, and in private practice settings.

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