Dr. Charles Yelverton takes part in Cobra Gold program

Dr. Charles Yelverton takes part in Cobra Gold program
Vermillion physician Charles Yelverton recently completed a military medicine civil affairs program in Thailand. Dr. Yelverton, a family physician at the Vermillion Medical Clinic, is a captain in the U.S. Navy Reserves.

He participated in a joint military operation called Cobra Gold. Cobra Gold has been a yearly exercise in Thailand since 1982 with three components, which include medical humanitarian efforts, engineering projects and joint military field and operational training.

Dr. Yelverton and his unit of 55 members provided medical assistance for the local Thai citizens in seven different communities near Hua Hin and Rayong Thailand.

In three of these sites, community buildings were constructed by the U.S. Navy Seabees. The medical program directed by the Navy provided dental care, optometry, physical therapy, veterinary services, pharmacy and public health support during this exercise.

A total of 12,000 patient encounters were completed during the Cobra Gold operation. Dr. Yelverton and the Navy staff worked with physicians from Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand in a joint humanitarian effort.

Dr. Yelverton, with 27 years of active and reserve time in the U.S. Navy, completed his fifth medical civil humanitarian relief program previously working in Thailand twice, Togo West Africa and Honduras.

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