Gov. Rounds announces mosquito control dollars

Gov. Rounds announces mosquito control dollars
Gov. Mike Round has announced the state is providing $800,000 for local mosquito control programs this year. Of that total, $411,819 is being awarded to communities through the state's annual grant program while the remainder will be targeted to communities affected by recent flooding.

This is the fourth year the state Department of Health has awarded grants to help cities, counties, and tribes purchase mosquito control equipment and chemicals. Since 2004, grants totaling more than $1.89 million have gone to local mosquito control programs.

"This annual grant program has been a good partnership with local communities that has helped protect South Dakota residents from West Nile and other mosquito borne diseases," said Gov. Rounds. "Since cities in areas with the recent heavy rains are likely to see increased need for mosquito control, we've taken a close look at year-end resources to come up with some additional dollars for those flood affected communities."

The governor said the state is working with SDSU Cooperative Extension on how best to target the additional resources in the flood area.

"We expect to have those recommendations within the next week along with the process for communities to access the dollars. We're still working out the details but it's likely the funds will flow to existing mosquito control programs in flood areas," said the governor.

A two-pronged approach is necessary to prevent West Nile � local mosquito control efforts and personal protections such as using insect repellent are both needed.

The 78 applications funded with the initial grant awards represent 153 communities, 18 counties and three tribes.

South Dakota's first case of human WNV was reported in 2002. Since then, 1,469 cases and 20 deaths have been reported in the state. WNV prevention information is on the web at

Clay County, including the communities of Vermillion an Wakonda, will receive $21,325.50.

Other communities in the Vermillion area and the amount of grant funding they will receive include: Beresford, $2,473.50; Bon Homme County, including the communities of Avon, Tabor, Tyndall, Scotland, Springfield, $2,780.65; Centerville, $2,400.00; Elk Point, Jefferson and Union County, $1,038.41; Irene, $999.70; and Viborg, $1,545.60.

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