Hanson chosen to attend conversation summit Washington, D.C.

Hanson chosen to attend conversation summit Washington, D.C.
Sarah Hanson, curator of photographs, I.D. Weeks Library of The University of South Dakota, has been invited to attend an Institute of Museum and Library Services-(IMLS) and Heritage Preservation sponsored conservation summit in Washington, DC The I.D. Weeks Library is one of four state sites chosen to attend the summit held at the Donald W. Reynolds Center for America Art and Portraiture in the Smithsonian Institution on July 27-28.

Connecting to Collections

"This invitation came as a great and wonderful surprise," said Hanson. "I hope the increased awareness of the collections that are housed within the archives and special collections here at The U, as well as our collections held across South Dakota, will culminate in increased support and funding. "Our cultural heritage is important in understanding our past and in large part, this heritage is irreplaceable. Preserving our important collections and promoting solid stewardship compliments our ability to collect, which leads to future generations' ability to research and understand how things have or haven't come to be the way they are."

"I believe that some situations our collections are facing can be considered dire," Hanson said. "We are at a crossroads. I know that we are not lacking for interest in our materials or even participants that are willing to work hard at preservation. Funding is by far our biggest challenge, and I hope this summit brings solutions to the forefront."

For more information, contact David Hulkonen at dhulkone@usd.edu or Sarah Hanson at sahanson@usd.edu.

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