Do away with 'right to work'

To the editor:

In regard to Larry Rhoden's article regarding the Legislature – Yes, I agree it is wonderful that they got so much accomplished. There is one more thing that they need to accomplish. That is doing away with the "right to work" law in South Dakota. That is the worst law any state could have. It invites discrimination to all employees at any time and there is nothing they can do about it. The law states that no legal actions can be taken unless the employee has a written contract with the employer or belongs to a union.

I was personally involved in a very discriminating situation. Right to work only benefits the employer – they can do anything they want and don't care what the employee thinks or needs. South Dakota Legislature, get with the program next time you meet, and do away with the "right to work" law. It is very unfair to the employees of the state of South Dakota.

Sherryl Koob


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