Where are the bees?

To the editor:

The lack of bees this spring has been troubling. Any farmer or home gardener knows the importance of honeybees! Producing honey is just a bi-product of the important job bees do of spreading pollen to allow everything from tomato plants to apricot and apple trees and crops flourish.

Unfortunately, this spring appears to be the "Silent Spring" that Rachel Carson warned us about in her famous book of the same name, published 45 years ago. In that book, she warned of the dangers of DDT and other pesticides, and the effect that they might have on groundwater and the fact that we were poisoning ourselves in order to increase farm production.

Fortunately, DDT was banned many years ago, and as a result, for many years the Environmental Protection Agency was a "watchdog agency" protecting individuals from unregulated use of pesticides.

Unfortunately, under presidents like George W. Bush,

the EPA has recently "looked the other way" and rolled back many of the restrictions that have prevented industry giants such as Dow Chemical and large-scale farming operations from potentially lethal use of chemicals.

If we don't allow the honeybee to survive, we will reap what we sow, and our agricultural industry will be devastated. Not just fruit farmers in California, Texas and Florida; not just apple growers in Washington state;

but farmers throughout the Midwest!!

Please save the honeybees, for us and future generations, the future of mankind depends on it!


John D. Skilbred


Thanks for local support

To the editor:

The Vermillion Athletic Booster Club would like to thank you for your continuing support of the Vermillion School District's athletic programs. Vermillion athletics have a proud tradition, and the Vermillion Athletic Booster Club (Boosters) is pleased to support student athletes, coaches, and administration who contribute to this success.

Because of your financial and other contributions, the Boosters have been able to accomplish much this past year. You have likely seen the fine outdoor bathroom facility at the Vermillion High School track and practice field, as well the championship banners hanging in the VHS gymnasium. Soon, a new batting cage will be constructed at the Prentis Park ball field.

The Boosters also joined with the Music Boosters to purchase new drums for the Vermillion High School band for use at numerous sporting events and in other performances. In addition to these major projects, financial assistance is provided to the athletic programs in other ways. Varsity and club sports earn funds by working at the concession stands. Teams are also provided "morale money" which can be used in a variety of ways including to pay for meals on long road trips.

All of these things have been made possible because of your hard work and generous support. Funds generated from memberships, concession sales, other fund-raising activities such as sales of Tanager Cards and advertising by local business help keep Vermillion athletes and teams competitive. As a member and supporter of the Boosters you can be proud of its contributions. Please know that athletes, coaches and fans appreciate your efforts!

Have a great summer and GO Tanagers!

Jeanette Hubert


Vermillion Athletic Booster Club Board

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