Save our bees

To the editor:

Bees are dying out. Beekeepers find few adult bees in their hives plus those few are sickly. Scientists have not determined the cause: perhaps 1) parasites or 2) toxins in the environment or 3) other causes.

We can be sure that pesticides and herbicides would certainly be a contributing cause if not the sole cause. Agribusiness people are cutting their own throats if they wipe out bees (and wasps, dragonflies, etc.)

At least, we homeowners, should not apply any poisons whatsoever on our lawns. If we eradicate all insect pollinators we soon will have no flowers, and worse, no crops – no food.

Marie Gray

Vermillion, SD

Did Lias or Mabry really know patches?

To the editor:

Did David Lias or Police Chief Mabry know Patches? I did and so did my son who is a friend of the owner's son. Patches, mostly black Labrador, was admittedly an escape artist but he was NOT a vicious dog! In reality he was an extremely loving dog.

Some truths about this situation …

1. In defense of the owner, Terri's, supposed attitude of not caring when Patches got loose, I can tell you that I accidentally let him out of the fenced in area when I dropped my son off once. Terri was very upset with me! She DID care when he got out.

2. The date of March 11 was quoted by Chief Mabry in regards to reports about Patches. I'm unsure why they quoted that date. The fact is that another dog in town was shot by our police department that day!

3. On April 14th a man was reportedly bitten by a dog in that neighborhood. Terri was having a barbeque that day with some visitors. Those in attendance can attest to the fact that Patches was not out! It was also stated that the dog that bit the man broke its chain. Patches has been in a fenced yard and not chained for a couple of years.

4. A few years ago some local children went into the yard that Patches lived. They cornered, teased and tormented him. Yes, he did bite one of them. On another day, one of these kids returned when Patches was on a chain (at the time) and kept poking him with a long stick. Patches bit again. These are the only verified reports of Patches biting.

5. April 23rd … There was a party going on at a neighbor's trailer. There were lots of people out. Patches got loose. He ran after a young women who yelled at him and he nipped at her jeans around her heals. It scared her. It is said that she was told to report a biting. There was a scratch on her heal but no puncture wounds. The police showed up amongst many witnesses, (Terri, 4 neighborhood children and many party goers), cornered Patches and shot him.

6. The KDLT news reported that another of Terri's dogs bit someone a couple of days after Patches was shot… Terri has a business watching other people's dogs when they are away. Recently she did a favor for a friend and took in a dog that has some problems so as to find a home for it. That dog unintentionally bit her own son as he intervened while it and another dog were playing roughly. That was the other biting.

7. Terri is caught up on all vaccinations for her dogs. One dog was given to her and the owner misrepresented the truth on vaccinations. That is to be remedied.

8. Terri is good with dogs and loves them. All her dogs get along with each other quite well and are amazingly docile when approached! People trust their dogs in her hands. Another person brings her young kids over for baby sitting occasionally. They would not do that if they felt any of Terri's dogs were vicious.

9. I'm told that recently there has been another dog shot by our police department but there are no details available.


First, the police were putting everyone around the area in danger when they pulled out a gun in such a public situation. This IS an issue!!!

Secondly, many of us have wonderful dogs that escape now and then, are difficult to catch and would get mean if cornered by a threatening person. For some people I know, their dogs are almost as special to them as our children are to us. I suddenly feel I live in a "police state" and fear for my dog!

Thirdly, this practice of shooting a licensed dog on the spot is unacceptable! Terri was never given a chance to dispute the situation. She has lost a very special friend!

Cindy Gehm


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