Healthcare troubles

To the editor:

Recently another citizen wrote about a troubling health-related experience (Vermillion Plain Talk, April 20). That took courage and I salute her. I am also troubled. From within health care I have defended the vulnerable and I am being brutally attacked for filing information related to corruption and the hidden health care agenda of giant corporations.

Last week I was falsely accused and arrested, being dragged from my home without warning and subjected to a hideous experience in our jail. My family and I, my home, my pets and livestock have suffered severely. The huge health care monopolies will go far to keep their true agendas and activities from public awareness.

This latest attack on me is one more effort through advanced education and experience over three decades. I will continue to fight these battles and hope others will begin to learn the truth about how giant financial interests are actually impacting our health care and our lives.

Just because organizations have the financial ability to buy expensive public relations does not guarantee that all of their intentions are pure. If you want the truth, you must be willing to examine the money behind the public persona. I will not give up the fight to defend my profession of nursing and my Christian faith from being hijacked for exploitation and use by those with insatiable economic greed who care little about the pain and injury done to individuals.

Our judicial and governance system is too often compromised by those with financial means to influence the courts and our elected leaders. Get concerned! Did you want to live under Nazi tactics?

Also, pray – God is watching and hears our pleas. Most likely, that is why I have been able to resist vicious behavior to date and remain committed to the truth. I look forward to our fellow citizens finding voice and inspiration to look beyond the network news and the expensive advertising, too much of which is carefully designed to maintain darkness.

Happy hunting! I can be reached best by cellular phone 712-281-3883 or by mail at PO Box 263, Vermillion, SD 57069.

Judith Iversen Grant, RN, MSN, CS-APRN

Food for the hungry

To the editor:

For anyone in our community who wants to make a difference and help others out, the perfect opportunity is coming up on Saturday, May 12. That is the day for the 15th Annual Postal Food Drive.

You simply grab a few cans or boxes of food items and place them in a bag near your mailbox and when your mail person stops with your daily mail, they will collect your food donation and take it to the Vermillion Food Pantry at Trinity Lutheran Church.

This donation doesn't require a lot of money, time or effort. All of the collecting and delivery of the donated food is done by the Employees of the Vermillion Post Office, which also includes Meckling, Burbank and much of the rural area of Clay County.

Please help us out with your contribution of food items, so that the food pantry will be able to provide much-needed assistance to those in our community who do not have access to enough food for the long summer months.


Linda Hawley
Food drive coordinator

Stop shooting dogs

To the editor:

There have been two shootings of dogs within the last two weeks, apparently by the same Vermillion police officer.

In the middle of last week, "Patches" was taken down by four successive gunshots in a neighborhood off of Duke Street after a neighbor complained of an apparent "attack."

What disturbs me about this incident was that the animal control officer had "forgotten" to bring his restraining collar, and the policeman opened fire as a result.

That officer, Sgt. Hough, was also involved in the earlier shooting, also on the dog owner's property.

What's going on? We as property owners and citizens, deserve an explanation.

How can we feel safe for our animals or our children, when when city police officers are allowed to gun down animals at their "discretion?"

Neither animal was considered a public menace as far as I know.

A concerned citizen,

John Skilbred

Upset by shooting

To the editor:

I was appalled to hear of a friend's family dog, Patches, who got loose and was shot as a nuisance by an officer working for the Vermillion Police Department. He was shot with five rounds on Monday,

April 23 in the trailer park across from Jones' Food Center.

Patches made a game of running away, but I've never known of him to be vicious. If you asked him for a hug, he would press his head against you lovingly. But Patches was brutally ripped away from his family (a mother and her 13 year-old-son) before their eyes.

I was further astonished to find out this is not the first pet dog shot and killed recently in Vermillion by this officer. What is going on here?

There are reasons we allow our police force the authority to utilize deadly force, but ridding the community of loose dogs is not one of them.

Our police officers are here to serve and protect us, but this man is doing neither and I strongly feel that he should not be on our police force.

Bruce Gray

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