Many older SD women are not getting medical screenings

Many older SD women are not getting medical screenings
The South Dakota Department of Health is concerned that many older women are not getting important medical screenings that can have an impact on their lives well into later life.

"At the Department of Health we're concerned that older women, especially those who feel they cannot afford checkups and screenings, are not getting the attention they need at an important point in their lives," said Dr. Gail Gray, director of health and medical services for the Department of Health. "We're reaching out to tell women that if they are not going to the doctor because they can't afford it, we have a program that can help."

"All Women Count" is a program designed to assist eligible women in getting numerous important screenings such as pelvic exams, pap smears, mammograms, and other diagnostic tests.�The program's coordinator Patty Lihs explains, "'All Women Count' is ultimately about breast and cervical cancer control.� Assistance for South Dakota women is based upon age and annual household income.� What's important is that evidence of problems is detected as early as possible, and our program can help."

"It is important that women continue to get regular screenings as they become older," according to Dr. Mary Milroy. "Early detection of potential problems can allow women to experience excellence in the quality of their lives as they enter their golden years. The older a women gets the higher her risk of developing breast cancer. This is why it is important that older women continue to monitor their health."

Those who desire more information about how they can get help with medical checkups and screenings may contact the "All Women Count" program at (800) 738-2301.

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