New partnership brings CNA course to RTEC

New partnership brings CNA course to RTEC
A new partnership between Avera Education & Staffing Solutions (AESS) and the Regional Technical Education Center (RTEC) will make additional options available for those interested in becoming Certified Nursing Assistants.

Currently, those wishing to be Certified Nursing Assistants are first hired by a long-term care facility. Prior to working on the floor, the candidate completes the required training, some of which is completed independently, and certification process. This option remains available through Avera Education & Staffing Solutions.

The partnership between AESS and RTEC allows individuals to enroll in the course without having to be employed at a facility first. The course, offered at RTEC in June, will have an instructor present to assist them through the initial 16 hours of training material. The individual traditionally completes this independently prior to the start of the classroom instruction.

It's the perfect course for high school students hoping to gain exposure and experience for a future health care career. In fact, to gain admission into many professional healthcare education programs, the CNA experience is encouraged and often required. It's also a great first step for someone whops interested in embarking on a new career in a field with tremendous demand.

The CNA course at RTEC, located one block north of the YHS/Summit Activities Center at 1200 W. 21st St., is scheduled to begin June 4, 2007. It consists of 75 hours of instruction including:

  • 16 hours of computer-assisted interactive training (June 4 & 5)
  • 24 hours of classroom instruction that will cover basic nurse aid skills, anatomy & physiology, nutrition and infection control through lectures and hands-on practice (June 6, 7 & 8)
  • 35 hours of on-site clinical practice at an approved long-term care facility (to be scheduled beginning the week of June 11)

    Upon successful completion of the required 75-hour training program, students will be eligible to take a certification exam. One portion of the test is online and the second involves a hands-on skills test. Individuals will then be Certified Nursing Assistants and will be eligible to apply for CNA positions.

    The cost of the RTEC training program is $1,200. However, CNAs will be able to get that money back. According to federal regulation, a CNA is entitled to have their training fee reimbursed if hired by a long-term care facility within 12 months.

    For more information or to register, please contact RTEC at (605) 668-5700. Registration is on a first come-first served basis and students must register one week prior to the start of the classroom sessions to ensure minimum enrollment has been met. Due to the Memorial Day holiday on May 28, registrations are due Friday, May 25th.

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