Post Office food drive scheduled for May 12

Post Office food drive scheduled for May 12
In 2006, the National Association of Letter Carriers collected over 70 million pounds of food from families along postal routes in over 10,000 cities and towns across America. This food drive is the largest single volunteer event in the country each year and todate has collected over three quarters of a billion pounds of food donations to help the hungry.

Every day many Americans have to make impossible choices between the essentials of living ��paying utilities, rent/mortgage, buying medicine or buying food. The summer months are particularly difficult for children facing hunger, since most school lunch programs are suspended and young students must look elsewhere for nutrition. The NALC Food Drive helps to ensure that there are no children who are forced to go hungry in Clay County.

Last May, for the third consecutive year, Postal Food Drive collections exceeded 70 million pounds ��enough to fill a convoy of more than 1,500 tractor trailers that would stretch for 15 miles. Despite that record of success, the need remains great. Today, some 33 million people, representing 10.7 percent of U.S. households do not have access to enough food to provide proper nutrition.

Of the 16.4 million low-income children who receive free or reduced cost meals in the school lunch program, only 2 million are enrolled in summer food programs. This places an extra burden on food pantries such as the one located at Trinity Lutheran Church, which serves all of Clay County.

On Saturday, May 12, the Vermillion letter carriers, rural carriers and postal employees will be conducting the largest food drive in the area with the goal of collecting 5,000 plus pounds of non-perishable food items. To help "No Empty Tummies" on May 12, simply leave a sturdy bag containing non-perishable foods, like canned soup, canned vegetables, pasta, rice or cereal, next to your mailbox before the time of regular mail delivery.

Please try to leave non-breakable containers, such as boxes and cans. Fresh food, fruit and breads are not acceptable due to their limited shelf life. Open or broken containers cannot be accepted.

The Vermillion carriers will then collect the donations as they make the regular delivery of the day's mail and deliver the collected food items to the Vermillion Food Pantry. Food donations can also be left by your mailbox prior to and after May 12 for those patrons who will not be able to participate on that day. (Please attach a note to inform the carrier that this is a food drive donation and needs to be picked up.)

Suggested food donations: Beef stew – large cans, peanut butter and jelly, applesauce – canned, peas – canned, mashed potatoes – family size, Jell-O and pudding mixes, hand soap – bath size, soda and graham crackers, fruit juices – family-sized cans, pears – canned, assorted vegetables – canned, chili – family size, cold cereal, toilet paper – family four-pack.

This year, not only will the postal employees be delivering mail on May 12, they will also collect the goodness and compassion of their postal customers participating in the 15th annual NALC Food Drive.

Help us help our community! Participate in the "No Empty Tummies" 2007 Postal Food Drive.

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