Pressure to lose weight brings dangers

Pressure to lose weight brings dangers
According to the 1995 Census, there were 134 million women living in the United States. Though the census is dated, it's still evidence that are a lot of females living in the United States. Statistics say that one out of every 100 women will suffer from an eating disorder sometime in her life. And those are only the ones who have been clinically diagnosed.

I was trying to choose a topic for my article, and I was really having a hard time finding something to write about. I was about to resort to writing about my trip on spring break, which I'm sure would have interested the student body immensely, but then I realized that I was looking over one issue in our country that seems to manifest in almost every aspect of people's lives. How many times have you read a magazine and seen these awesomely thin girls and wished you could look like them? How many times have you skipped lunch because you wanted to cut down on some of your weight? How many times have you heard one of your best friends say that she thought she was fat? This is pure honesty here. I am so sick of it.

I can't even count the times that I've watched perfectly beautiful girls drag themselves down and try to lose weight, mostly in dangerous ways. We've all had times where we've felt in the dumps and might have talked down about ourselves. I do it, too. I just can't believe that some of these girls, who are absolutely perfect, can think that they are hideous. I often become frustrated because I just can't comprehend how they can think that they are ugly/fat. I mean, I really can't say it's their fault, though. Look at the way the media portrays women.

Many magazines and clothing lines spew off pictures of these women who, in all honesty, don't even look like women. Where are the curves? Call me crazy, but last time I checked, women were supposed to have hips. I know, an unnatural concept, but really, come on. These women look unnatural. They don't look the way women are supposed to look. These pictures plague the newsstands all over the world and tell us that's the way we are supposed to look, and if we don't, we will never be treated as equally as the others who do. How are we expected to compete with these women who are airbrushed and have more plastic in them then the Mattel Barbie factory? Since when was it in fashion to ditch all of things that makes us special and unique and try to look like someone we're not?

Some people have already taken steps to clear up the image of super thin models. Some designers now are enforcing rules about models who are too thin. If they are too thin, then they cannot go down the catwalk. It hasn't caught on with all designers, but at least it's a start. I just can't believe how irresponsible the media can be.

I know what these girls feel like. I honestly do. I mean, I'm no Kate Moss, and I don't believe that I can be like Kate Moss. The truth is, I don't want to be like Kate Moss or any other model out there. I used to think I did, and every so often I feel like I do, but in the long run, why would I want to look like that? That's not me. I believe that people should be healthy, but they should also be happy. Girls all over the world and close to home are destroying their bodies just so they can be socially "accepted" by the real world out there. I would much rather be accepted for the way I really am. All of us have our own traits that make us beautiful; we just have to realize it.

One day during lunch, class period or free-time, just take a look at the women around you. Do you see any of them who have exactly the same figure (identical twins are an exception here)? How about the exact same eye or hair color? Chances are that you don't. This is my point exactly. Not one woman is the same. If we were intended to be the same, we all would have been made the same.

I realize that there is nothing I can do to change the way the world sees women, and I can't change people who have their mind set on one ideal. All I can do is hope that these wonderful and beautiful girls will one day see that the magazines and tabloids are completely stupid and fake. Maybe one day everyone will try to be a real woman; someone who stands for her beliefs and can look at herself in the mirror and realize her true beauty.

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This story is published thanks to a joint agreement between the Plain Talk and Vermillion High School journalism class.

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