Rounds declares state of emergency

Rounds declares state of emergency
Today Governor Mike Rounds declared an emergency in eastern South Dakota to help with the response and recovery effort following this weekend's severe storms and heavy rainfall.

An emergency declaration allows the use of state resources to assist communities and counties with the response and recovery effort.

The South Dakota Emergency Operations Center remains activated to coordinate the state response and provide resource assistance to the affected communities and counties.� So far the state has provided four generators, eight barricades, five water pumps, transportation for 30,000 sandbags, 50 Department of Corrections inmates for the sandbagging operation, and more than 50 National Guard soldiers.�

South Dakota has requested help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. A FEMA advance team is expected in South Dakota this evening.� The team will provide assistance at the state Emergency Operations Centers.

South Dakota Emergency Management Director Kristi Turman reminds those in flooded areas of the following safety tips.

  • Don't drive through flood waters. It can be difficult to determine how deep the water is and if a current exists.� Even shallow waters with a small current can sweep vehicles away.
  • Watch for downed power lines.
  • Stay out of flood waters.� Flood waters often are contaminated with sewage and disease.
  • More safety tips are available at

    doh by clicking on the "flood cleanup" link.

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