South Dakota seeing record-high gas prices

South Dakota seeing record-high gas prices
Retail gasoline price averages have reached record highs in 20 U.S. states, including South Dakota, and the national average for self-serve regular now stands at $3.073, the highest it's ever been, according to AAA.

Today's AAA Fuel Gauge Report ( says South Dakota's statewide gas price average is at an all-time high of $3.178 per gallon. Sioux Falls is posting a record high today of $3.248.

"Industry analysts continue to blame these high prices on refinery and supply problems, but it's interesting to note that most of these record prices are in the Midwest and West," said Mark Madeja, spokesman for AAA South Dakota. "Many Eastern states are well below their all-time highs. For example, South Carolina, with the cheapest gasoline in the nation at $2.822 per gallon, is 33 cents below their record high and New Jersey, at $2.876, is still 30 cents away from their highest statewide gas price average ever."

California has the most expensive gasoline in the nation today at $3.483, followed by Washington at $3.436, Oregon $3.412, and Hawaii, $3.346.

Among South Dakota's neighbors, Wyoming is the cheapest at $3.029; Iowa is at $3.143; Minnesota at $3.148; North Dakota, $3.175; and Nebraska is $3.249.

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