Student Action Office hosts service-learning celebration

Student Action Office hosts service-learning celebration

In the midst of National Volunteer Week, the Student Action Office (SAO) hosted a service-learning celebration with funding from the Vermillion Community Foundation. The SAO also sponsored a speaker series highlighting the vital contributions that volunteers make to local organizations.

The service-learning celebration highlighted examples of service-learning on campus as well as providing networking opportunities for faculty, community members and students to share ideas and make plans for future collaborations. Lynn Rognstad, the associate vice president of academic affairs, spoke about the different ways that service-learning is impacting USD's community and future plans for integrating service-learning further into the curriculum.

The event allowed those in attendance to see the possibilities service-learning present in enhancing the students' learning experience. Marcella Remund, an instructor in the English department said, "The Service-Learning Celebration was a wonderful way to see what other folks are up to. USD has some amazing talent and dedication. The celebration's informal networking following the project presentations got me inspired and energized again, and I came away with some great ideas for embedding service projects into my classes."







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