Tanager boys’ tennis attends Brookings Invite

Tanager boys' tennis attends Brookings Invite
The Tanager boys' tennis team were entered in the Brookings Invitational where they faced Brandon Valley, Brookings and Milbank Saturday, April 28.

The first match went to Brandon Valley, 8-1.

Singles: Logan Soper (BV) def. Dusan Cuetkuvic (V) 8-4; Dan Rohle (BV) def. Dominick Jones (V) 8-3; Jordan Robinson (V) def. Justin Vermeer (BV) 8-6; Ryan Ruse (BV) def. Jimmy Lai (V) 9-7; Jordan Anderson (BV) def. Tyler Kielman (V) 8-3; Cody Green (BV) def. AJ Walker (V) 8-6.

Doubles: Rohle/Vermeer def. Cuethovic/Jones 8-2; Soper/ Ruse def. Robinson/Lai 8-3; Anderson/Ryan Ruax def. Kielman/Walker 8-6.

The second match score was Brookings 9; Vermillion 0.

Singles: BJ Flynn (B) def. Dusan Ceutkovic 8-0; Wade Kippley (B) def Dominick Jones 8-0; David Leiferman (B) def. Jordan Robinson 8-1; Reekah Delfanian (B) def. Jimmy Lai; 8-1 Quincy Flint (B) def. Tyler Kielman 8-1; and Mike Flynn (B) def. AJ Walker 8-0.

Doubles: Flynn/Kippley def. Cuetkovic/Jones 8-0; Lieferman/Delfanian def. Robinson/Lai 8-2; and Flint/Flynn def. Kielman/Walker 8-3.

The final match score was Milbank 7, Vermillion 2.

Singles: Tyler Keller (M) def. Cuetkovic 9-8 (7-3); Josh Anderson (M) def. Jones 8-4; Kyle Reedstrom (M) def. Robinson 8-4; David Waletich (M) def. Jimmy Lai 8-0; Tyler Kielman def. Matt Kurtz (M) 8-6; AJ Walker def. Craig Barland (M) 8-6.

Doubles: Keller/Anderson def. Cuetkovic/Jones 8-1; Reedstrom/Waletich def. Robinson/Lai; Kevin Hagen/Tyler Buttke (M) def. Kielman/Walker 8-3.

"We demonstrated excellent work and effort at a great and long Saturday quad," said coach Jon Ruevers.

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