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Seniors celebrate a birthday

On May 22, 32 senior golfers were treated to birthday cake provided by Joyce Zimmer in honor of the 62nd birthday of her husband, Dave Zimmer. To add to the celebration, the team that Dave played on took first place with a 37. His teammates were Ron Steckelberg and Mo Marcotte.

Capturing second with the tiebreaker were the team of Harlan Schott, Don Immeng and Dick Gregory at 38. Taking third with the other 38 was Turk Pilker, Lloyd Helseth and Guy Button. Good scores were hard to come by on that day because of a very strong wind.

So the next score of 42 of 42 became the fourth-place ball-winning group. It was turned in by Elmer Mount, Vern Holter and Bob Lund.

On the two-man division, the teams of Alan Clem and Cleland Cook plus Ross King and Gene Iverson were able to defeat their opponents. Ross King was proud of his 18-foot birdie putt made on No. 5.

At the printing of this article, the seniors will now be playing Tuesday mornings at 9 a.m. for the summer. We invite anyone to come have some golfing fun with us this summer.

A beautiful day filled with gnats

We had 20 ladies for luncheon; the meal was one of our many favorites. Desserts were provided by�Anita White and Barb Boone – they served two great bars.

Quarters were won by Darlene Engbrecht, Rula Hatch, Peggy Mollett and Gayle Bliss.

Golf – There were four players braving the morning light mist. As the morning progressed, the weather got nice and a bit humid. Great golf weather!

We played "Pass the quarters." To get the quarters, you had to only "one" putt.�That is not an easy thing to do most of the time.�Winner of the quarters: Pat Steckelberg

Darlene Engbrecht had a very, very great morning. She�said that she almost did not come to play golf, but sure was glad she did. She had a great long tee off on every hole, "birdied" hole No. 8 and was within a fraction of an inch of getting a "hole in One" on No. 5. Stop in and see her "I had a birdie" tag in the ladies rest room. Sorry guys – you will have to take our word on this one!

Bridge ��We had one table with four players. The high scorer was�Ellie Davis.�

Dominoes – There were two tables of eight players.�High was Babe Hurowitz with 330 and low was Thelma Raines with 169. Everyone has fun playing dominoes.

Hope to see you all next week. Hope the weather is a good as today.

Men�s League weekly report

With typical weather and a well-groomed course, the league played their third week of competition, using all tee boxes on the front nine.

There were a lot of under-40 scores and an abundance of birdies, along with two eagles in the combined divisions.

The results of the American division shows the best score for D&H Enterprises with 16 points. Missing Links – 15; and First Dakota – 14.

Low individual score of 36 went to Rick Haught, who netted a 36. Brian Steele had 36 when he carded a 38. Adam Chandler also scored 38, with Jon Radermacher completing the under-40 group with a 39.

The group recorded eight birdies with Haught & Steve Ward each reporting two.

The national division�s best team score was 19 by Varsity; Divots had 17; while Bluffs Boys and Barry�s Plumbing each scored 16.5.

Bill Willroth led the pack with two under par 34, net 32. Tim Christopherson was at 37; while Dennis Tomhave, Dennis Bruce and Bob Boone each had 39.

Thirteen birdies and two eagles were recorded with Willroth, Paul Brunick and Mark Clark each having two birdies; and eagles by Todd Radigan with a two under on the par four No. 3 and Christopherson reporting his on par five No. 6.


Multiple Putts 38

First Dakota 37.5

The Persian Merles 37

D&H Enterprises 36.5

PIK 36

Midwest Homes 35

First Bank & Trust 34.5

Summit 32.5

Missing Links 32

WeNeedStrokes 27


Barry�s Plumbing 51.5

LBA 49

Bluffs Boys 48.5

Varsity 35

Divots 34

Alcoa Cleaning 32

Char Bar 24

BW Insurance 24

Bogey + 23.5

Eagles 23

W.E.L.L. plays through piles of plugs

And now, for your Wednesday weather report. May 23 dawned rainy and overcast. However, the forecast, and the weather, improved throughout the day to provide a partly cloudy but warm and virtually windless evening. As much as we take issue with the wind, it does serve to keep the biting insects at bay. The downside of the windless evening was the gnats. However, here is your helpful tip on gnat repulsion. Two words: Absorbine Junior. On to golf.

Karrie Plate returned to play this evening and, once again, had the low gross score with a 38. Scoring the low net for the evening was Karrie�s aunt, Joanne Ustad, with a 35 (46-11). There were a host of golfers hot on Joanne�s score with 36 (none achieved the same way). They were Julia Chaney (55-19), Judy Hanson (53-17), Lynn Myron (56-20) and Lisa Sorensen (51-15). Sporting a net for the evening was Audrey Ticknor. Audrey produced a face-covering net that she has had since play was on the old course. Brought out to be worn in jest, Audrey quickly discovered that it was very effective at keeping the bugs off and it became a part of the evening.

A number of golfers had birdies. Karrie Plate had two, one on No. 11 and one on No. 16. Jenny Chandler had a birdie on No. 17. Jennifer Steele had a birdie as well, this one on No. 12. This birdie occurred when Jennifer chipped from off the green and had the ball hit the pin and drop in. Playing the �other� nine, Nancy Christopherson birdied No. 8.

Our hosts for the evening were the Bluffs Babes (lots of babes playing in the league). The team members are Nancy Christopherson, Peggy Donnely, Terry Meierkort, Kathy Merrigan-Manning and Sheila Prosser. They decided we all had a shot at a pin prize on the green and placed three pin prizes out, each for longest putt. These were won by Terry Meierkort on No. 13, Kate Geise on No. 15 and Jennifer Steele on No. 18. The Quackson winner was Ann Jensen, who had just about left when her name was drawn. Fortunately she made it back to claim the quarters.

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