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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Men's league weekly report

After some teams dropped out or changed their names, the league is made up of two 10 team members. Shotgun starts are at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. using tee boxes on the front and back nines on alternate dates.

The summer season will run every Thursday, through Aug. 30, and then there will be a final league tournament with the format to be decided at that time. Remember – there is no league play on July 12 and Aug. 9!

The long winter layoff was apparent as high scores were very common during the first rounds of the day.

Anyway, the results of the first week in the American division shows the best score for First Bank and Trust� 16.5; The Persian Merles and PIK – 16, each.

Low individual score of 34 went to Adam Chandler who netted a 33. Don Harris had a par 36; Gary Larson and Ellis Jensen each carded 39s.

Only nine birdies were reported for the day. Chandler had birdies on #s 1, 2, 4, and #6. Harris birdied #s 1 and 3.

The National division's best team score was 19.5 by Barry's Plumbing, Alcoa Cleaning scored 18, and Bluffs Boys had 17. Bill Willroth and Mark Clark tied for first with one under par 35. Chad Lavin and Alec Johnson each carded a 39. Clark had low net 31. Six birdies and one eagle were recorded with Willroth recording a bird at #5, and an eagle on #6.


First Bank and Trust 16.5

The Persian Merles 16

PIK 16

Multiple Putts 14.5

Summit 12.5

Midwest Homes 11.5

First Dakota 8.5

D&H Enterprises 7

Missing Links 7

WeNeedStrokes 6.5


Barry's Plumbing 19.5

Alcoa Cleaning 18

Bluffs Boys 17

LBA 14

Char Bar 12.5

Bogey + 10.5

Divots 9

Varsity 6

BW Insurance 5

Eagles 3.5

Wednesday morning ladies enjoy golf, games

This was our second outing and again we had a great group for golf, luncheon, dominoes and other games. It is, as usual, great to see all you ladies out and joining us.

There were 25 ladies for luncheon and the desserts (great again) were provided by Pat Pratt and Karine Amundson. Thank you, ladies.

Our quarter drawings were won by Joanne Beringer, Karine Amundson, Pat Pratt, Barb Larsen and Helen Brown.

We have made a donation to the Corey Briest fund. Our prayers are always with him and his family.

Dominoes – No results in yet, but will be in the next report.

Golf – Played Bingo, Bango, Bongo with no rough stuff. This is always a great game and quite challenging. First, Joanne Beringer; second, Ramona Kellogg and Mary Lea Hennies were tied; third, Helen Brown and Fritz Lefler were tied.

The day was beautiful and full of great friends. Hope to see you next Wednesday. Golf tee off- 9 a.m. with luncheon about noon and games after.

W.E.L.L.'s warm windless wayfaring

OK. So perhaps the header makes less sense than it could in trying for a complete alliteration. You'll have to forgive the author. However, Wednesday, May 9 was a beautiful night for golf. The temperature were high enough to keep us from having to break out the sweatshirts again. The wind was at a minimum, so we didn't have to guess how much extra club we needed to get there. All in all, a terrific evening to be outside enjoying each other's company and chasing that little white ball around.

Several women took advantage of the evening to score birdies. Michelle Maloney birdied #17. Amanda Young birdied #12. Jenny Chandler had two for the night – #14 and #18. Playing the other 9, Susan Oberle also had two birdies, one on #2 and one on #5. Indeed Susan hit a beautiful shot on #2 from about 100 yards out to land within two feet of the cup on her third stroke. (Did that make up for the column about fun night?) Karrie Plate once again had the low gross score with a 39, while Rhoda Grant shot low net with a 34.

Our hosts were Bertha's Babes. Helping Jenny Chandler out with prizes was Mom-to-the-rescue, Kathy Chandler. No pin prizes were awarded this week as Jenny opted to give one prize for the best poker hand and one for low net. You already know that Rhoda Grant won the prize for low net. Having the best poker hand was Ann Jensen with five of a kind (they were sixes). The third clubhouse certificate was thrown into the Quackson drawing, won by Ann Stewart.

One pair of teams really enjoyed the weather so much, they decided to stay out on the course longer than everyone else. These were the teams of Iron Maidens and Sand Yappers. Of course, the fact that they shared a total of 279 strokes among the four golfers may have contributed to that. Indeed, this may be a record for W.E.L.L. Anyone care to challenge that (or want to admit it)?

Seniors surprised by pleasant weather

On May 8, 27 men came out to play golf on a very pleasant day. The turnout was about normal for the regular roster of available seniors now-a-days. Turning in the best score of 37 was the team of Mo Marcotte, Tim O'Connor and Lloyd Helseth.

Taking second with the best of three 39s, was the team of Pat Boyle, Dick Burbach and Dick Kellogg. The next best 39 was the group of jerry Sommervold, Bob Lund, and Alan Clem. At fourth place with the last 39 was Harlan Schott, Jim Reed, and Guy Button. Selected in fifth place with a 40 was Turk Pilker, Elmer Mount, and Ron Steckelberg.

No one was proud enough of their putting to turn in a long putt except for Guy Button who made a nice long 30-foot birdie putt on hole #14. That is what gives joy to the game, to which Guy can agree. We seniors do have fun with our game. Why not come and join us every Tuesday?

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