The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Seniors play in favorable weather

On May 1st, the senior men golfers finally saw pleasant temperatures without ran. In the two-man division, Rex Huska and Joe Conroy won their match while Bob Boone and Guy Button defeated their opponents.

Twenty six players were present which is about average attendance considering several regulars who are "out of commission" at the present time.

Taking top honors in the three-man competition was the team of MoMarcotte, Cleland Cook and Elmer Mount at 34 winning by the tie breaker. Capturing second with another 34 was the team of Max Anderson, Ray Lynn and Bob Solomon.

Coming in third with a 38 was Shorty Hanson, Quentin Oleson and Dave Zimmer.

Finally at fourth place coming in at 39 and begging to be included in a ball winning group was the team of Harlan Schott, Jim Reed and Jim Grabowski.

Players who celebrated making some long putts were Max Anderson with a 45 footer, Ray Lynn with a 40 footer, Bob Boone with a 25 footer and Dick Kellogg with a little 15-foot scrambling par putt. The senior men had an enjoyable outing.

Come join them Tuesday at 1 p.m. They are tentatively considering moving the starting time after Memorial Day weekend.

Ladies enjoy golf, dominoes and bridge

This was our first day of golf, dominoes,bridge and quiddler.

There is something for everyone to play and the luncheon (served by Cherry Streets Jon) is great. Come join us. Guests are welcome and also new members are greatly appreciated.

There were 27 served at luncheon.

Desserts were provided by: Babe Hurowitz and Mary Bartels. As usual they were great.

The quarters were won by: Elle Davis, Ann Patrick (welcome back Ann), Helen Brown, Joanne Beringer, Pat Steckelberg, and Dorothy Reed (welcome back to you also Dorothy).

Discussion was regarding: Dues, donations and the Jr Membership donation.

Golf: played Pass the Buck. We had 13 ladies golfing today. Winners were: Glennis Stewart, Darlene Engbrecht, Fritz Lefler and Mary Lea Hennies. Good going girls!

Dominoes: there were 2 tables with 11 players. Low was: Fritz Lefler and High was: Rula Hatch.

Bridge: we had 4 players. High was: Elle Davis

Quiddler: 5 players with the winner: Lynn Hatle.

Wednesday morning and afternoon is always full of fun and friendships. Please come join us at the Bluffs. Golf tee time is at 9:00 a.m. and luncheon following with the fun games following luncheon.

Catch you all there!

Wednesday evening ladies off to flying start

After a cool evening for our fun night last week, this Wednesday, May 2, was a gem. Indeed, it is likely to be the jewel of the week from a weather perspective and we were glad to be able to get the competitive season kicked off under a beautiful blue sky, low 70 degree temperatures and light breezes.

Taking advantage, and getting an early jump on their golf games, were Karrie Plate with the low gross score of a 2 under par 34 and Shelley Brunick with the low net score of 31 (51-20). There were a number of women carding net scores under par. They included Jenny Chandler who shot even par for her gross score, with a net of 33 (36-3), Barb Ballensky (58-24) and Mona Bye (41-7) each with a net of 34, and Lynette Wulff with a net of 35 (49-14).

Helping themselves out, and getting their flying pigs off of the tree early by getting birdies, were Karrie Plate, who birdied holes 5 and 6, Jenny Chandler with a birdie on #1, Joanne Ustad with a birdie on #7, and Mary Gauer with a birdie on #8.

Our host team for the night was Drive U Crazy, composed of Nace Huska, Ann Jensen and Jennifer Steele. They had three pin prizes out on the course. Winning the prize for the longest putt on #1 was Nikki Stammers. Nikki just joined us in league this year, so welcome. Additionally, she started on #1 and the putt held up for the entire round.

The second pin prize went to Karrie Plate for the closest third shot on #6. Mary Gauer received the third pin prize for the closest to the pin on the drive on hole #8. Both Mary and Karrie took advantage of the shots that won the pin prizes (see the birdie list above). The Quackson was won by Sally Wheelock.

And, though we had all winter to prepare for the season, there were still some mishaps. Take, for example, Audrey Ticknor. Audrey's team started on #1 and carried out the pin prize (won by Audrey's playing partner) for the longest putt. About the time Audrey placed the pin prize she felt like something was missing, but it took a moment to figure out what it was. Turned out she had not remembered to bring her putter to the green. Since she couldn't use the flag prize to putt with, she returned to her cart to retrieve the instrument and finish out the hole.

Additionally, Darlis Labahn got her exercise despite having a hand puppet that prevents her from golfing for a bit longer. Darlis was making her rounds as cheerleader, heckler, and general supporter when the cart she was using ran out of gas (only the cart, not Darlis). Undaunted, Darlis strolled back to the clubhouse with a group of golfers and told stories along the way.

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