Waste department announces clean-up

Waste department announces clean-up

The city of Vermillion has announced that spring clean-up activities will be encouraged through May 17.

Vouchers are now available to assist residents in sprucing up their properties as the weather grows warmer. They are good for up to $15 in landfill fees, and are available at the landfill office, Missouri Valley Recycling, Vermillion City Hall and the auditor's office in the Clay County Courthouse.

Missouri Valley Recycling at 840 N. Crawford Rd. will accept, at no charge, leaves grass and yard waste, twigs, brush and small branches and small metals. The landfill, located on Bluff Road, will accept at no charge all yard waste, all tree branches, twigs, brush and unpainted and untreated wood, all metals with the exception of white goods (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.). There will be a $10 charge for white goods.

Regular fees will be charged for garbage, tires, and other items not mentioned above. Vouchers may be used for these materials.







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