YCC takes tour in Minnesota

YCC takes tour in Minnesota
After months of preparation, the Yankton Children's Choir (YCC) Concert Choir loaded the bus for a musical adventure in Minnesota. Twenty-four singers and 13 adults set out the norning of Friday, May 11, for the Twin Cities in order to participate in Music in the Parks, an adjudicated national music festival held in connection with amusement parks across the country.

The choir sang Saturday morning at the festival and received a "superior" rating and trophy from their adjudicators. "The choir knew what they had to do," says Margaret Lyons, YCC associate choral director. "They walked on with a mindset to do well and they did. Their music and stage presence was right on for the festival." The festival judges, both choral professors at the University of Wisconsin, commented on the Yankton Children's Choir's high ability level, beautiful vowel tones and choice of literature. They also made the comment that the Yankton Children's Choir was a well-disciplined group and appreciated the fact that the choir presented a pleasing appearance on stage.

During the tour the choir also performed a concert at Martin Luther High School in Northrop, MN. Singers took in a Twins' game Friday night. On Saturday afternoon, the group relaxed after singing for the festival at Valleyfair Amusement Park with nearly 1,100 other Music in the Parks festival participants, including high school and collegiate choirs from surrounding states and Canada.

The choir enjoyed their final stop at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum on Sunday morning.

"After hearing the choir sing Music in You, which tells how everything in nature has music to share, it was fitting to have time to spend outdoors and hear the music of nature," says Katy Gifford, YCC's executive director. "It was fun to watch the singers as they walked. It seemed each item they looked at reminded them of a song they had sung during the season. Each little group of singers seemed to have a song they were singing or humming as they took in the sights. Those songs will be playing in all our minds for weeks to come!"

The tour to Minnesota is the last with YCC for founding directors Lea Ann Schramm and Margaret Lyons. Singers found ways along the way to make the trip special as they gave their gifts of song to these two women who have inspired so many to sing. Even some time to relax by the pool became a mini-concert for the group. Singers could be heard whispering, "Let's sing for Miss Schramm and Mrs. Lyons!" Soon the group was singing in the pool, enjoying the acoustics of sound on the water, and the joy of the moment.

Singers are looking forward to singing again next season. Plans are already being made for auditions and the performance schedule for the 15th season, which will start next fall.

Further details about the choir can be obtained by contacting Katy Gifford, 402-586-2411, blessings @gpcom.net; Lea Ann Schramm, 605-665-4394, lschramm@iw.net or www. yanktonchildrenschoir.org.

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