138th Midsommar at Dalesburg to be held

138th Midsommar at Dalesburg to be held
A championship accordion master from Norway, Nora Store music with Mike Pederson, The Brass Section and tasty Scandinavian foods are some of the items on the menu for Midsommar at Dalesburg on Friday, June 22.

Lillebror Vasaasen and Trine Sennerud Melby, folk musicians from Norway, headline the 138th annual festival at the country church in rural Vermillion. They will be featured at the 2 p.m. program in the air-conditioned church and at the 7 p.m. program on the north lawn.

Events get under way at 2 p.m. with a program featuring the Norwegian musicians and Mike Pederson, an accomplished organist known for his country Christmas gatherings at the Nora Store, south of Alcester.

Food is a big part of this festival. From 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., mouthwatering meatballs, potatis korv, flatbreads, salads and cookies are part of the smorgasbord feast. Smorgasbord tickets are $10 for adults and $4 for children 8 and younger. In addition, the Luther League stand next to the church sells sandwiches and snacks, beverages and, most important, homemade pie. During the afternoon the church youth and Pastor Kwen Sanderson will make and sell lefse.

The afternoon includes time to meet, greet and make friends, and children's activities.

Then, at 7 p.m., the evening program spotlights The Brass Section, John Fahlberg & Company, the Norwegian musicians and the raising of the flower-draped Midsommar Pole. Scandinavian dances for all wind up the entertainment. A friendly game of softball follows at the Ben Carlson Field across the road.

Sunday, June 24, features Sunday worship outside (weather permitting) at 9 a.m., presented by the rural area's three traditionally Swedish churches�� Dalesburg Lutheran, Dalesburg Baptist and Komstad Covenant.

Norwegian musician Lillebror Vasaasen is an accomplished accordionist, playing the one-, two- and five-rowed accordions as well as the mouth harp. Vasaasen is considered by many to be the best two-rowed accordion player in Norway. He has won the Nordic championship five times and has won the Norwegian championship several times � as a soloist, in duet, and with a band.

He has made eight recordings, both solo and with a band. Vasaasen has also participated in recordings made by some of the most famous artists in Norway.

Trine Sennerud Melby is an accomplished performer on the keyed fiddle and an instructor of Norwegian and Swedish folk dances. She has won several prizes in music competitions, and in 2006, she performed in the baptism of Norwegian Prince Sverre Magnus at the Royal Palace in Oslo.

Vasaasen and Melby have performed together for about four years. Earlier this year, the duo performed for King Harald V at his 70th birthday party. On Saturday, June 23, they will perform in the afternoon and evening at the Nordland Fest in Sioux Falls.

The Brass Section features a group of five talented brass players from southeastern South Dakota and northwestern Iowa. The popular John Fahlberg & Company features singers from the Beresford area.

Dalesburg Lutheran Church is a traditionally Swedish church founded by Dakota Territory homesteaders who emigrated from Sweden in the 1860s. The first building was erected in 1874. The present sanctuary dates from 1897. The ELCA church features impressive woodwork, stunning stained glass windows, and, of course, Midsommar, all in a beautiful countryside setting.

Dalesburg Lutheran is 12 miles north of Vermillion on the University Road or 5.5 miles west of I-29 exit 38 (Volin).

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