Bob serves ‘for the good of the party¹

Bob serves 'for the good of the party�
Planning a house party is bigger than World War III.

�First you have to compile a guest list,� Phyllis said, wisely enough. �But you have to make sure that everybody likes each other. It�s awful if two people are feuding and they have to sit together,� she added.

�What�s so bad about that?� I wanted to know. �It would give them a chance to make up.�

�But what if they were surly toward each other?� she went on cheerfully.�

That would change the whole complexion of the party.�

�And we�ve got to be careful about asking widows and divorcees,� she continued blissfully. �If you have eligible males there, it would seem like you were match-making.�

�Oh, for crying out loud,� I mumbled exasperately. �You women are all alike. You think of pairing-up when you should be planning for the good of the party.�

She ignored my comment completely and went on to the next subject.

�And then there is food,� she said gleefully. �We should prepare enough in advance so I don�t have to spend so much time in the kitchen when the guests arrive.�

Then she said she would make a list and go to the store and liquor shop to get the necessary things � while I contemplated the size of the bill.

�Do you need all of those things?� I asked quizzically when I saw her list. �We�re not throwing a banquet, you know.�

�Yes,� she replied, �and we�ve got to borrow some extra chairs.�

I liked the sound of borrowing because that wouldn�t cost any money, as she went on planning her party. The cost, it seems was immaterial.

�It�ll be casual, so you can wear a pair of khaki pants and your blue striped shirt.� she explained.

Then she told me what candles to light, when to announce that dinner would be served and where everybody would sit. She didn�t miss a thing, except to include me in on the planning part.

It turned out it was her event, and she wanted it to be �just right.� I could make important decisions � like getting us out of Iraq and what to do about immigration and global warming � but in planning a house party. I was like Congress; a necessary evil.

If World War III comes about, I want Phyllis to be in on the planning part. With her lists and self-assuredness, she would tell the generals what to do.

I�ve given up on the house party decisions. After all, she knows what she�s doing. About all the illegals in the country, I would propose to …

© 2007 Robert F. Karolevitz

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