Boy Scouts improve Over’s Discovery Room

Boy Scouts improve Over's Discovery Room
David Rosaker and Wyatt Hunter-Johnson are currently working on their Eagle Scout projects by renovating the Discovery Room at the W. H. Over Museum.

David's project centers around improving the physical condition of the room and its facilities. Therefore, his attention will be on removing fixtures from the walls, filling holes and scratches in the plasterboard, sanding patches, taping door and window frames, repainting the walls, and updating facilities. Wyatt's project centers around preparing a "new look" for the displays, exhibits, and activity areas in the Discovery Room. His attention will be on the function and use of space and resources as well as on the general appearance and atmosphere in the Discovery Room.

Both scouts are showing that they are "prepared," willing, and able to provide a service to the museum, their community, and to the generations of youths who wish to "explore" the wonders of South Dakota's natural and cultural heritage.

The Friends of the W. H. Over Museum (FOM) appreciate and applaud their selfless and energetic efforts.

The FOM is partnering with the USD Anthropology Department, area historians, and two museums to scan and share photo collections. Copyrights and ownership will be retained by each organization through the use of appropriate by-lines and citations.

Anthropology students will scan the photos and organize the resulting images for use by students, historians, and the interested public.

The art of Lloyd Menard will again be exhibited at the museum while the Frogman Show is exhibited in Sletwold Hall from June 28 to July 16. A reception will be held on July 7 between 7 and 9 p.m. The public is invited to come out to the W. H. Over museum and check out the progress that has been made on re-setting many of our exhibits and reorganizing the Gift Shop. The Gift Shop has reduced prices on many items and lines to clear out the inventory and make room for new lines and merchandise. Happy summer. Enjoy the cool environment created by our merchandisers and the museum's new air-conditioning system.

July Schedule

June 28 – July 16 Frogman Show in Sletwold Hall.

July 7

Reception for the Frogman Show.

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