Campfire Tales will be performed June 30

Campfire Tales will be performed June 30
Remember the legends and tall tales that came out of America's growth? These legends were born from a country bursting at the seams and in need of some really big characters to match.

Where would these characters fit in today as America continues to face big changes in technology and communication?

Join us 'round the campfire as these tall tales come to life and take on the new mayor of Tall-Taleville. What will the good ol' town become if Lazy Crocker and his up-to-date overpowering sidekicks MAC, PC and Mobile don't stop enforcing changes?

Life should always remain the same shouldn't it? Change can be scary but with change also comes growth and knowledge of oneself.

When the sun has set and the moon shines bright … join the Campfire Tales!

Vermillion Community Theatre and the Children's Theatre Company of South Dakota invite everyone to two performances of fun and entertainment as local young talent presents Campfire Tales Saturday, June 30 at 2 and 7 p.m., at the Vermillion High School Theatre.

The performance is the culmination of a unique learning experience for 50 children from the Vermillion area. This special event gives children a chance to learn what it's like to take part in a professionally produced stage musical, from auditions and rehearsals through the final performance.

Tickets are $5 for children over 5 and adults and are available at the door.

This residency is made possible by Vermillion Community Theatre with support by John and Anne Barlow along with funds from the state of South Dakota, through the Department of Tourism and State Development as well as the National Endowment for the Arts.

For more information, check the Web: www.vermil

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