FSA Notes

FSA Notes
Farm maps and 2007 acreage reporting

The Clay County Farm Service Agency office sent 2007 certification maps to all operators the third week in May for reporting their acres. To save time during certification, the office is requiring all producers to:

  • Call for an appointment.

  • Write crop planted on the map for each field.
  • Provide planted acres and prevented planting acres on the maps.
  • Mark approximate boundaries of the crop.
  • Write crop planting dates on the maps for all fields.
  • Check to see if all the acres on the tract are balanced.
  • Again, please remember to bring your aerial photos that were mailed.

    As a reminder: An accurate crop report is required because of the cross compliance between FSA and Federal Crop Insurance.

    Acreage reports are required for all producers who receive a program benefit. Crop reports after July 16 require a late fee per farm.

    Producers with prevented or failed acreage must timely notify the FSA office to enable them to receive cropping history.

    Prevented planted acres occur when a crop cannot be planted during the established planting period for the crop because of a natural disaster. Producers requesting prevented planting must show that all cropland feasible to plant and prevented from being planted was affected by a natural disaster and that preliminary efforts were made to plant the crop.

    Acreage reports for failed acreage must be filed prior to disposition of the crop and the producer must be able to establish to the satisfaction of the county committee that the crop failed through the normal planting period because of natural disaster conditions.

    Please schedule an appointment to report your acres planted by calling 605-624-7060, No. 2.

    Prevented planting and failed acres reporting requirements

    Federal Regulations require producers with acreages that are prevented from being planted as a result of a natural disaster to report the prevented planted acreages on a notice of loss. Producers must file an acreage report within 15 calendar days after the latter of the occurrence of prevented planting or the applicable crop's final planting date.

    Final Planting Dates for Clay County: Corn – May 31; Soybeans – June 10.

    The County Committee must review and act on all applications for failed or prevented planted acreage credit, but do not have authority to approve late-filed requests.

    Producers must show there was the intent to plant the acreage by providing documentation of field preparation, seed purchase and any other information that shows the acreage could have been planted and harvested under normal weather conditions. Regulations require County Committees to deny the acreage report if satisfactory documentation is not provided.

    Acreage reports for failed acreages must be filed before disposition of the crop.

    2007 Price

    support program

    Remember, we've switched to the CCC-633-EZ form. It's a one-size-fits-all form you can use to indicate your intention to receive loan deficiency payments for all your crops at the beginning of the crop year, long before you've lost beneficial interest.

    Provisions of CCC-633 EZ (page 1). You will receive benefits based on the Earlier of:

  • The date beneficial interest is lost in the commodity (sold, fed, etc.).
  • The date you request LDP payment.

    Page one only needs to be completed once per crop year and covers all eligible commodities in all counties designated. It does not negate your eligibility for commodity loans or your ability to use the eLDP online process.

    If you wish to receive the LDP on your grain the date you dump the grain versus one of the above, you will need to file a CCC-633 EZ (page 2) prior to harvest.

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