Jolley workers on schedule

Jolley workers on schedule
A unique offer made by the Vermillion School Board is paying off at Jolley Elementary School.

"At this point, it looks like we are on schedule with the project so that we will be ready to move in by the time school starts," said Dr. Mark Froke, Vermillion school superintendent.

Workers could get slowed down by unforeseen circumstances, such a poor weather or a shortage of building materials, he said. But so far, such negative factors haven't appeared.

The project is progressing so well, in part, because of a financial offer made by the school board to the general contractor, Sunkota, of Sioux Falls.

Major subcontractors include Action Electric, Sioux Falls, and Williams Brothers Masonry.

"There is a bonus built into the project," Froke said. "If the general contractor substantially completes the project by Aug. 10, there is 1 percent bonus built in."

The bonus prize that construction workers hope to earn totals $13,000.

"This is the first time that I've worked with a construction bonus before," Froke said, "and I'm seeing surprisingly positive results. This bonus is really a motivating factor for the contractor. He wants to get the project completed on time and collected that bonus."

Workers were concentrating on laying cement block, welding roof joists, and installing metal decking that will support the roof this week.

"They will be done with that process this week, and the beginning of next week and for 10 day following that, the roof will be installed by Guaranteed Roofing of Sioux Falls.

The Jolley School addition will help meet an enrollment surge in the lower grades. The baby boomlet, along with new and growing programs, have created a space crunch at the elementary school.

The new addition, with a total area of 9,100 square feet, will add seven new classrooms and renovated rest rooms to the school.

The school district issued $1.35 million in certificates to pay for the project.

The addition will also include a soundproof room that will enable USD education students to observe teaching at the school without disturbing students or class activity.

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