Kennel club to host dog show

Kennel club to host dog show
The Sioux Valley Kennel Club will be hosting their annual AKC dog show on June 30 and July 1, in Vermillion at the Clay County Fairgrounds. Each day is a separate show, with a dog being pronounced "Best in Show" on Saturday and on Sunday. The shows begin at 8 a.m. both days and end at approximately 4 p.m.

According to Jean Hassebroek, the show chairperson for the big event, there are over 1,100 dogs entered from all around the country. "This is a great opportunity for people to come and see about 160 different breeds that they never even knew existed," says Hassebroek.

Dogs and their owners will be competing in three different competitions. Conformation is where the dog is judged according to how well he or she conforms to their breed's standard (on their looks). obedience competition measures how well the dog is trained during the various exercises they're required to perform. Rally Obedience, a fairly new AKC event, judges how well the handler and the dog work together, as a team. Hassebroek says, "It's truly amazing at the work that goes into readying a dog for the ring. Whether it's conformation and the grooming involved, or obedience and rally with all the training involved, these exhibitors spend many months and many dollars preparing their dogs for shows. It's an incredible commitment."

Spectators are encouraged to come to meet breeders and ask them questions regarding exercise needs, grooming, care, personality, and other important things about a breed before they purchase one. Jean Hassebroek stated, "So many people buy or adopt a dog simply on its looks, when there is so much more to consider. We really hope to help educate the public regarding responsible dog ownership as well as give them a great show."

Admission is free for everyone, however there is a $1 parking fee each day.

The Sioux Valley Kennel Club is a small Siouxland organization that promotes responsible dog ownership, breeding, and care of dogs. If you'd like more information about the upcoming dog show, or about the club, contact Steph Anderson at 402-494-8627.

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