Project Gorilla/Guerrilla: asset or assault?

To the editor:

An interesting aspect of this project is that the politicians, pundits, and people writing and speaking about the wonders of an oil refinery in our midst do not or will not, to my knowledge, live anywhere near the area around Spink slated for this change from agriculture to industrial congestion, noise, lights, traffic, pipelines and a host of other problematic possibilities.

It is apparently easy to live in places like Vermillion, Pierre, Elk Point, or Dakota Dunes and blithely extol the virtues of economic development that will be dug and cemented in someone else's backyard.

An irritating aspect of this project is the condescending attitude of many individuals who apparently believe that land and acreage owners living very close to the Gorilla area voice dissent because "change is so hard for some people." It is as if those of us who oppose this project awake each morning in some moronic stupor, unable to realize that the only constant in life is change.

Perhaps we awake each morning questioning the concept that "all change is progress" and wonder what will happen to the future of our beloved Union County as thousands of acres are slashed from its midst and the Hyperion bandwagon rolls over rural residences and farms whose owners are currently unwilling to sell.

Is that what Union County is going to become now, adopting a philosophy that an economic boon for one justifies the destruction of another? That is sad.

Liz Merrigan


Refinery may threaten health

To the editor:

Responding to the oil refinery that could come to the Union/Clay area, the main concerns that I have are environmental and community-oriented. I do not want our area to turn into and be labeled �Cancer Alley� – as in what the residents have called the refinery areas outside of New Orleans (the same place FEMA located the temporary trailer homes that people are still living in after Hurricane Katrina).

I assume the technology has evolved to minimize the effects to people�s health and the environment. But we all know how the oil industry works and money rules everything. I hope the elected officials are thinking of the people and not lining their pocket books! Since when did South Dakota become so much like Washington, DC?

Heather A. Campbell


Home design is ugly

To the editor:

In regards to the DakotaDome home on Center Street, sorry to say, but I think this house is ugly. It may be �different� and all that, but that don�t make it any prettier. I can�t believe that the building codes would allow this house. The town won�t let a new double manufactured home be put on private ground, but they will allow this house. I don�t understand where they get their rules from. Nothing personal to the people that live there, but I hope there aren�t any more of these homes built in town.

Sherryl Koob


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