Strays are problem

To the editor:

Problems with pets and their owner don't end at the city limits!

Country pet owners have problem with rabies, ticks, skunks, coyotes and people who drop off dogs, cats, etc.

Someone dropped off their pet – no collar or proof it had gotten its rabies shot, etc.

We enjoy our pets, take them to the vet for rabies shots, heart worm pills, etc., to keep them healthy. The problem with strays or drop-offs, we can't tell if they have had health problems. Most strays are shot to prevent them from killing our lambs, calves and poultry.

City dwellers seem to think it is okay to drop unwanted pets on country people. Don't you care that your unwanted pet may get hit by a car, starve or get shot because it upsets our animals?

Clay County doesn't have an animal control office; only city people have that honor. Call the Clay County Sherrifs' Department at 677-7100, the Sioux Falls Humane Society or the local vet office at 624-5550.

How would you like it if someone left you by the road side to get hit by a car or starve and no one cares? It makes us ill every time we get a stray or drop-off animal!

Concerned urban dweller

Fern Knutson


Gorilla is great

To the editor:

I wish I would have made bigger bets on the Gorilla Project – I was right! I am very happy that something big is coming in and will offer a lot of jobs for people.

It will also bring more people to the community and real estate sales will improve. Home building will also improve. More money for the schools (more kids).

I think it's great. Hope people can get over the idea that everything needs to stay the same and nothing new should come into the community. I would imagine there will be several hundred letters and comments. People need to have an open mind and want to grow. Many communities are dying because of the attitude and the tunnel visions. Have a good day!

Sherryl Koob


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