Senator’s bill provides funds for state projects

Senator's bill provides funds for state projects
Sen. Tim Johnson hasn't yet returned to his Washington, DC office or the floor of the U.S. Senate.

He's still able to wield influence on the Senate Appropriations Committee, however.

Legislation that he first began concentrating on last summer, before being hospitalized, was approved earlier this week.

If all goes as planned, the bill will provide nearly $11 million in funding to several entities statewide, including The University of South Dakota.

The funding was included in the Labor, Health and Human Services (HHS), and Education spending bill for Fiscal Year 2008.�The legislation today the Senate Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee on June 19.

Johnson said in a press release that the bill is expected to pass the full Senate Appropriations Committee and then go to the full Senate for consideration.

Local entities that will receive funding include:

  • USD Sanford School of Medicine: $2 million – �These funds will be used to complete the final phase of a $36 million construction project.�
  • University of South Dakota Graduate/Undergrad Degrees in Public Health: $300,000 – This funding will assist USD in strengthening their training of health professionals by establishing several new degree programs, including a master of public health, a doctor of public health and a bachelor of science in integrative health sciences.�
  • University of South Dakota Center for Disabilities: $200,000 – The Center for Disabilities will establish a Rural Substance Abuse Technical Assistance Center (RSATAC) to develop and improve prevention, treat- ment and care systems in the region.
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