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Tuesday, July 3

Senior Men Registration: 8 a.m. – Shotgun start: 9 a.m. – Lunch: 11 a.m. – 3 Man Scramble league shotgun start – 6 p.m.

Wednesday, July 4

Ladies Day preempted by Independence Day.

Thursday, July 5

Men's Day (Regular Men's League competition); 2:30 p.m. – Registration, please be prompt; 3 p.m. – Shotgun start, first session; 6 p.m. – Shotgun start, second session.

Friday, July 6

8 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m. ��Junior golf; 5 p.m. – Social golfing.

Wednesday morning ladies enjoy games

We had a great turnout for luncheon … 32. There were several guests, and some became new members. Guests: Rosemary Mart, Sally Gilbertson, Agnes Mockler and Linda Sorensen. Rosemary, Sally and Agnes became new members.

The big drawing winner was Helen Brown. Quarters were won by Fritz Lefler, Peggy Amant, Rosemary Mart, Ellie Davis, Mary Lea Hennies, Mary Bartels, Lynette Spencer and Babe Hurowitz. This was great, as the more at luncheon, the more winners possible.

We discussed ways to use some of our association moneys … this will be discussed further next week.

Golf – Played "Guess Your Score." There were 13 golfers. The weather was great – very little wind. Joanne Beringer guessed her score right on the button. Pat Berglund and Darlene Englbrecht were just one stroke off. Edith Nelson and Karon Benson were just two off. Great job, ladies!

Bridge – The ladies played almost even-steven bridge, but Ellie Davis managed to come in high against some stiff competition.

Pitch – The playing was pretty wild at the pitch table with Rosemary Mart and Mary Bartels making some pretty scary bids that allowed them to win two-out-of-three games.

Quiddler – Interesting game today with the dictionary receiving a lot of usage.

Dominoes – Great improvement by the 11 players this week. Fritz Lefler, Darlene Engbrecht and Rula Hatch had some very impressive low scores during the four-some rounds, with Janet Hoff having the lowest overall.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (W.E.L.L.) Standings

June 20, 2007

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. Two Putts 27 30 90.00%

2. F.O.R.E. 31 35 88.57%

3. Wedgies 21.5 30 71.67%

4. Lucky Shots 25 35 71.43%

5. Bertha�s Babes 22.5 35 64.29%

6. Drive U Crazy 19 35 54.29%

7. Iron Maidens 19 35 54.29%

8. Birdie Bound 18 35 51.43%

9. Lopez Sisters 14 30 46.67%

10. Mollies Follies 16 35 45.71%

11. The Hookers 11.5 30 38.33%

12. Bluff Babes 12.5 35 35.71%

13. Par-Tee Grils 10 30 33.33%

14. Chixs with Sticks 10 35 28.57%

15. Rough Riders 6 30 20.00%

16. Sand Yappers 7 35 20.00%

17. Whatever 5 30 16.67%

Men�s League weekly report

The weather really warmed up, and there were intermittent showers so conditions were unfavorable for scoring as the league played their seventh week of competition, using all tee boxes on the front nine.

There were very few under-40 scores nor birdies in the combined divisions.

The results of the American division shows the best score for First Dakota with 15.5 points; PIK and Summit – 15 each.

Low individual score of 34 went to Adam Chandler. Ellis Jensen had a 38; Gary

Larson – 40 and Jerimiah Dibley – 41.

The group recorded four birdies with Chandler reporting two.

The National division�s best team score was 19.5 by Bogey +; Barry�s Plumbing had 15.5; while LBA and Alkota Cleaning each scored 15.

Alec Johnson and Gary Prosser led the pack with 37s. Dennis Tomhave had a 40; and Dennis Bruce, Joe Bjorkman and Scott Hanson each carded a 41.

Eight birdies were recorded with Hansen having two (on numbers 1 and 5).


Multiple Putts 101

First Dakota 91

PIK 88

D&H Enterprises 87.5

First Bank & Trust 87

The Persian Merles 79

Summit 76

Midwest Homes 75.5

Missing Links 70.5

WeNeedStrokes 53.5


Bluffs Boys 98.5

LBA 98.5

Barry�s Plumbing 96.5

Varsity 86

Char Bar 84

Eagles 78.5

Divots 72.5

Alcoa Cleaning 67.5

Bogey + 62.5

BW Insurance 51

W.E.L.L. golfer has a hole-in-one

Oh, what a night! (OK, I stole that line) Since the heading gave away the punch line, we will get right to the hot shot of the night on June 20. Using a 5 wood, Lynette Wulff had a hole-in-one on #12. The pin was in the front of the green and her ball landed short and rolled into the cup. The shouts, which are unique to that type of situation, were heard from other holes where players said, �That sounds like a hole-in-one.� Congratulations to Lynette on her eagle 1.

Other golfers having holes where they shot below par were Karrie Plate and Mary Kaye Zimmerman, who each birdied #12 and Amanda Young, who birdied #13. Amanda�s birdie helped her to also achieve the lowest gross score with at 37. The overall low net score went to Nikki Stammer with a 35 (48-13), three other golfers came close and had a net of even par (36). They were Amanda Young (37-1), Mary Gauer (42-6) and Lisa Sorensen (51-15).

Our host team for the night was the Lopez Sisters, Rhoda Grant and Lois Hazen. Deciding that everyone had to putt, the three pin prizes put out on the course were each for the longest putt. On #10 the winner was Joanne Ustad. On #16 it was Judy Hanson. On #18 the putter covering the greatest distance was Shelley Brunick. Inside the clubhouse the competition for the Quackson was fierce. Winning, in plain sight of everyone there and on a draw by a non-team member, was Rhoda Grant.

Senior golfer attendance peaks

On June 18, the highest number this season came to enjoy fun league golfing. Thirty-four seniors showed up to participate. The winning score was 36. That team was Don Baer, Cleland Cook and Pat Boyle. Taking second with a 37 were Elmer Mount, Bob Lund and Lloyd Helseth.

Capturing third with the better 39 were �Shorty� Hanson, Dick Kellogg and Tim O�Connor. At fourth with the other 39 were Ross King, Vern Holter and Dick Gregory. The next three winning scores were 40s. So fifth place went to Mo Marcotte, Milo Gilbertson and Jim Grabowski.

At sixth place were Jerry Sommervold, Jim Reed and Quentin Oleson. Finally, included at seventh place were Alan Clem, Louie Fostvedt and Dave Zimmer.

The highlight of the day for Tim O�Connor came at hole #14 where Tim chipped into the hole for a birdie from 108 feet away.

Then �Shorty� Hanson, who is on the same team, made a 38-foot birdie putt on #17.

Other putts of notice: Ray Lynn dropped a 42-foot birdie putt on #14, Elmer Mount sank a 28-foot putt and Pat Boyle gets a 15-foot difficult birdie putt to drop on the always tough #13 green.

Come and join us any Tuesday at 9 a.m. The Senior Fun League is more about friendship than getting the best score.

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