Food producers, retailers sought

Food producers, retailers sought
Dakota Rural Action is planning a truly beautiful 2007 Locally Grown Foods directory of producers and retailers who market local foods. The directory will also include recipes, tips for buying locally grown foods, and original local artwork.

The purpose of the directory is threefold and will increase support for local producers, increase consumption of South Dakota products by South Dakotans, and increase the number of small-scale producers.

Approximately 2,500 copies will be distributed statewide this year to better meet these goals.

Producers and retailers who meet the following criteria can be listed for free in the directory by contacting Dakota Rural Action at or by calling 605-697-5204. Other retailers or businesses may contact the same address if interested in being part of this directory, and may purchase advertising.

For producers

a. Producers must be from South Dakota.

b. Must be food producers or farm-based food products.

c. No non-food items unless the producer also sells food items.

d. Products must be directly marketed to consumers (on farm, farmer's markets, Internet, etc.)

For Retailers

a. Retailers may be listed if they sell locally produced food products.

b. Grocery stores selling local foods must purchase ads in order to be listed.

c. Retailed local foods must be labeled and source verifiable to the consumer.

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