Don't judge just by looks

To the editor:

In response to the recent letter on the aesthetics of the dome we're building on Center Street – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The home cannot burn, it will never rot, bugs can't eat it, it's tornado-proof, and most importantly it will use one-fourth the energy of a "normal" house. Trinity Dome will outlast every other building in Vermillion, and it will pay for itself with energy and insurance savings in less than 15 years. Dismissing the house because it looks different is silly. It's like rejecting a new crash-proof car that gets 100 miles per gallon just because you don't like it's color.

Kevin Meylor


Follow their lead

To the editor:

It is a shame and a sham that the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world chooses not to provide universal health care coverage for its citizens. We are a nation that can spend billions upon billions on an ill-conceived war and additional billions on aid to other countries, but we can't – no, we choose not to – provide basic and catastrophic medical care to all of our citizens. I, like millions of my fellow citizens, would happily pay more taxes to help make universal health care possible. Fees for current medical treatment and pharmaceuticals are outrageously inflated and smack of greed and are particularly punitive to the elderly, unemployed or underinsured. If France, England, Canada and Cuba can provide universal health care, surely the United States can follow or better their enlightened lead. I urge you to support legislation that will make universal health care possible for our great nation as well.

Dr. Eric Hagen


Support local produce

To the editor:

I was pleased to see coverage in the Plain Talk last week on the availability of local produce through the town farm. I have often bought produce from the Roetmans, and have always found the quality excellent. But I was disappointed that the article seemed to indicate that the Roetmans grow the only local produce in town, and that their farm stand, open July 14 this year, is the only place to get it.

The Vermillion Area Farmers Market has been going strong in its second year at the Washington Street Arts Center (the old St. Agnes Church). Every Wednesday from 3-7 p.m. since May 16, our customers have been enjoying fresh, local produce from a variety of growers (including our own "garlic guy"), as well as crafts, cooking demonstrations, live music, and kids' activities. Our market manager, Cailtin Collier, has been hard at work attracting new vendors and creating a great "festival feel" to the weekly event.

There are many excellent growers and producers in this area, and I would encourage residents to support them by spending their food dollars locally as much as possible for the benefit of their health, and the strength of the local community and economy. The Plain Talk made a good start with last week's article, and I'd like to encourage more articles that help the community find and support these local institutions.

Rebecca M. Terk, President,

Vermillion Area Farmers Market

Owner, Flying Tomato Farms Sustainably Grown Produce

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