Wheel tax is bad idea

To the editor:

On June, 14 Clay County adopted a wheel tax ordinance. It puts a fee of $4 per wheel for vehicles over 2,000 pounds and $2 per wheel on vehicles under 2,001 pounds, with a maximum of $16 per vehicle.

It should be front page news if your vehicle fees are going up an average of 41 percent and for some 57 percent. The last two publications of the Plain Talk has not had a news story about the wheel tax. Recently, the editor has had two editorials almost begging the county to pass the ordinance.

The county budget for 2007 is up 11 percent from 2006. An endorsement of the wheel tax is like encouraging double digit county spending.

Paul M. Hasse


Aircraft carrier reunion planned

To the editor:

The Navy Aircraft Carrier, USS RENDOVA CVE-114 will be holding their reunion in Omaha, NE, on Oct. 17-20. Our historical records reveal there were many South Dakota sailors who served our country aboard this great ship (World War II and Korea). People interested in attending the reunion may contact Eddie Frank, 15164 Good Ave., Ft. Lupton, CO 80621, Phone: 303-857-4248. E-mail rendova 114@aol.com.

Bill Evans

Rendova Historian

Mint Hill, NC

Follow their lead

To the editor:

It is a shame and a sham that the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world chooses not to provide universal health care coverage for its citizens. We are a nation that can spend billions upon billions on an ill-conceived war and additional billions on aid to other countries, but we can't – no, we choose not to – provide basic and catastrophic medical care to all of our citizens.

I, like millions of my fellow citizens, would happily pay more taxes to help make universal health care possible.

Fees for current medical treatment and pharmaceuticals are outrageously inflated and smack of greed and are particularly punitive to the elderly, unemployed or underinsured. If France, England, Canada and Cuba can provide universal health care, surely the United States can follow or better their enlightened lead.

I strongly urge you to support legislation that will make universal health care possible for our great nation as well.

Dr. Eric Hagen


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